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    Tempist's new position as Blacksmith to the Empire was about to take effect.... He entered his quaters/forge to begin work on his first few orders. Ten cusom Sith Blades, only to Dara, and A strange set of metallic claws for Mephisto. This was going to take him a while.

    He emptied his satchel, droping plans for the claws, some additional supplies, and a few new tools for the jobs. He got to work melting the iron and making Dara's blades.

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    After a few hours of tempering and hammering, half of Dara's order had been filled. The first blade had taken him a while, but with each one, he got faster. Within the next few hours, he finished the blades she had asked for, each still cooling from the intense heat of the temperment. He proceded to Mephisto's order, which would require a good deal of time to create the fittings for the joints in the fingers. Such an anoying order, but it would simply be a test of his skills.


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      Strolling the corridors, Adonis ended up coming upon the Forge. He looked and saw Tempistopps. He stayed silent for the moment, watching the man work. He thought to himself, about putting in an order himself, but not right now.

      He turned, and continued to stroll along.


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        Tempist heard a noise in the halls, and turned to see a figgure moving past the door. One of the ones he had seen in the recruitment center. He would have steped out to chat with him, but Mephisto's order would be a major pain, and he had to start on it now.

        He created a few thin sheets of steel, just thin enough to be molded to shape. The fingers slowly took shape, with a few errors along the way. Those peices were melted back down, and re-formed untill the fittings were perfect. He placed a few small revits in the sides, lose enough to allow the joints to move. The fingers were set to the side, all ten of them. Tempist got to work making the rest of the hands, and forged two larger peices, carefuly hammering them into somthing more than sheets of steel. He took a few peices of thick steel lace, and welded them to the back of the "hands", so they would stay on by another means than just the fingers. He added them into the fold, adding in more joints to allow more and more movement.... it would be a set of aurmored hands.... he finaly finished the time consuming weapons, and allowed them a few hours to cool off.


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          Adonis decided to head back to the forge. He saw the 'new creation' as he quirked an inquisitive brow from beneath the shadows of his hood. He indicated towards the thing, with a slight nod.

          "What's that?"

          Seeing as how it has time to cool off, he decides to see if he can stir up a conversation.


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            "A specialty order from another membrer. Should be interesting to see how they work on him...."


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              Nods slowly.

              "Indeed it would be."

              Adonis extends his hand, offering a handshake.

              "Name's Adonis."


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                Tempist took the man's hand and shook it, his own hand being nearly twice the size.

                "I'ts nice to meet you. I am Tempist."


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                  Nods and releases Tempist's hand. "Well it's good to meet someone here." Adonis thinks a bit then asks, "How does one go about ordering something to be made? And finding out the cost?"


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                    Tempist laughed slightly at this comment.

                    "You can order stuff by simply asking me. The cost is negotiated afterwards, depending on the cost for materials and the difficulty of the weapon to make."


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                      Nods slowly. He then asks, "Can you give me an apprx. Price, for two Mandalorian Gauntlets?" Smirks a bit, yet he hopes the price won't be too far out of his price range.


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                        "Hmm... maybe about 150 credits each, depending on what you wish them made of."