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*Wanders through the complex*

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  • *Wanders through the complex*

    :: It was strange, being back in the place she'd thought she'd never return to. So much was familiar, yet so much was different. How long had she been gone? She recalled the many places she'd been. Too long. But that didn't matter now. She was back. And what was once familiar would become so again. ::

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    :: While wandering the Sith HQ Lady Dia feels a strong presence, as she turns the next corner she sees a large hooded figure standing in the hall. He does not move nor make a sound, he is dressed all in black. Slowly looking up she notices she can't see his faceonly two red eyes looking at her ::

    Good Evening Lady Dia. I must appoligize for not being there for your return, I was preoccupied elsewhere, but I must say I'm glad your back...


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      *Bi0 is just outside his room looking out a curtained oval window..he turns to see Lady Dia and Darth Phantom talking. His eyes widen at the sight of Dia*

      (....My Master's I wish to talk to her...but alas, she is talking with Phantom)

      *Bi0 returned to his normal gaze out of the oval window*

      (I shall wait for a chance to chat with her)

      *Bi0 stretches his wings out and recoils them back it*


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        :: Slightly startled at his dramatic appearance, Dia takes a moment to identify Phantom. :: Good evening to you as well. I trust you've been well.