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A half dead man is taken in by the med-droids.

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  • A half dead man is taken in by the med-droids.

    ::Chaos lays on a floating med-table. Blood trailed down the hallway. Where the teen's right arm should have been was a bloody shoulder. No arm, just the shoulder. The arm had been ripped off.::

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    Jared trailed after the droids. He and Yurza had rushed here in Jared's ship with wounded Chaos aboard. As far as Jared knew, Chaos had lost his arm in some battle at <a href=> Eden </A>. Jared had managed to stop the bloodflow a bit, but he feared that it would'nt be enough. He stood at the doorway while the Med-droids performed their work on Chaos...


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      ::The med droids placed a robotic piece onto Chaos' shoulder area. More or less it connected to his collar bone. It would be the area that would hold a robotic arm when finished. It could pick up nerve impulse and work like a real arm. The droids stoped when they were done.::

      "@#%$. My I am a cripple a helpless mother ****ing cripple! I am worthless now. I may be able to use a robotic arm, but never the Force again with it. Unless.."

      ::Chaos remembered the statues he had stolen from Yavin 4. The staues of Exar Kun. They channeled the Force. If they could be reshaped into a stone skeleton with Force gems imbured in the robotics. he could channel the Force with his arm. First he needed to start a arm to use for working with electronics. Chaos called teh med-droids to bring him as much electronics as he could.::