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entering oblivion

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  • entering oblivion

    Mephisto walked down the halls, looking at the doors and the names of the people within each of them. So many beings rallied to this cause, yet few if any of them fully understood the power they had taped into...

    He took note of the names, and their locations. His dealings with the empire would go swifter now.... he made his way further into the halls, untill he arived at the empty room he had been asigned. He took out a small tool, some type of branding utensil. He grasped it tightly, and slamed the etching into the door, burning a black mark deep into it. Beneath the mark was the translation, so all would know where fear resided: "Mephisto Tepes, lord of plauges"

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    He entered his room, and glanced around. Much too bright and cheery of an environment for him. he closed the door tightly, and began working on the scenery. The walls were painted black, and the lights were replaced by UV lamps, creating the darkness he wished for. The large armchair would be replaced by a massive throne like chair, one that even the devil him/herself would be proud to use. The rest of the room would be converted into a library for his own personal studies. Yes, this room would suffice.


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      Mephisto left his quaters, and saught out the blacksmith.... he would need suitable weapons if he were to spread his plauge of death accross the universe...