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  • Aftermath..

    (Set after

    Outside of the TSE HQ, on a small patch of untouched land to the east of the main entrance, the two Sith sat. Both had been pumped full of JD for the past uncountable haze of hours, and had found their way - somehow - out of Rama's Corner from the gathering to where they now sat.

    Vega lay on the turf looking up at the tall structure of the HQ building, which his feet pointed to. His resistance to alcohol was heighted in the most by the Force, and therefore he was relatively unaffected by all the drinking he had done, although his mood was softened some by the "anti-depressant".

    "JD is the best," he sniggered, glancing over at Lana.

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    Lana giggled and nodded in agreement, sipping from her bottle. Unlike Vega, she was very vulnerable to the effects of alcohol. One would think with all the parties and bars she's been to this early in life, she would be immune. Heh... Little would one know.
    "JD's are great. Who would have thought..."
    Laughing at what seemed to be nothing, Lana adjusted her eyes to the sky above, staring thoughtfully up into space.
    "What now, Vega?"


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      He looked back into the sky at the stars obstructed by the obelisk-like TSE HQ and shrugged his shoulders lightly. Looking back down to Lana he smirked slightly as he saw her expression - her eyes looked lazy and her lips were curled into a big intoxicated smile.


      Vega sat propped himself up on his elbows, the earth below him making a painful bed below.

      "You're pretty," he paused and laughed, looking up again, "wasted."


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        Laughing lightly, her eyes looked to Vega. She shook her head, though it was certain that she was pretty drunk...
        "I'm not wasted. And I'm not tired, either..."
        She laid back onto the ground and stared up at the star-filled sky again. Her eyes danced with the glistening stars, and thoughts of her past soon filled her mind.
        "Though I came from a very deprived planet, the stars shone a lot brighter there..."
        She thought this out loud, her soft lips parting a bit for sake of a quiet sigh to escape.
        "Are the stars brighter on Helios too, Vega?"


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          Vega thudded back down against the ground, folding his arms behind his head to use them as a makeshift pillow. He chewed the inside of his cheek thoughtfully as he tried to remember ever staring up into the nightsky at his home.

          "I've never looked up at the stars on Helios..."

          He smirked at himself, wondering why not - but quickly attributed it to his training, or some other excuse like that.

          "How are they brighter on your planet?" He said as he eased his eyes closed and inhaled the fresh evening air deeply.


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            "I don't know, really... They just seem brighter. Maybe it's because there's barely anything to take away from that effect anymore. Or maybe it's because that's where all my thoughts are lately. It's pretty contradicting, in a sense. I should really be focusing on training and all that, not what was and used to be..."
            Lana felt her eyes grow heavy, but struggled to stay awake. The air was still and the night quiet. Finding it just couldn't be helped, she closed her eyes for the last time that night and fell into a deep slumber spell.


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              The silence engulfed Vega for a minute or so. He didn't speak purely because he expect Lana to carry on talking. After letting the quiet remain for long enough, he turned to her and immeadiately smiled, noticing she'd fallen asleep.

              "I guess we can talk about the stars later, then," he said in a whisper to himself as he sat up into a kneel, slipping his arms underneath Lana's body. Vega rose to his feet and yawned, heading off towards the HQ with the sleeping Sith Disciple in his arms.

              He reached her door quite quickly and inputted the code to open it - it seemed she hadn't changed it yet, which was useful tonight. Striding into the room, he walked to the bed and laid Lana down on top of the sheets before retreating to the otherside of the room, knocking the door closed with his foot.

              Sitting down against the wardrobe, Vega yawned once more and leant his head back against the cabinet door, his eyes closing slowly as the alcohol and nature sent the Sith Lord to sleep.


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                After a time, Lana opened her eyes in awakening, peering into the dark silence of her room. Her head felt heavy, so she stayed in her bed, rested amid the soft down of her pillow. Lana blinked a few times to make certain she was awake. Afterall, it didn't much seem like she had been sleeping at all.
                From her distance, she eyed Vega asleep against her wardrobe. She blinked a couple more times to reassure herself that she was awake. It deemed so. Smiling, Lana sat up in her bed and stared at Vega a while, her legs dangling from the beds side.
                It was dark yet, she noted, and Vega looked at peace in his slumber. She didn't dare try and intrude with that essence by lighting her single candle, so she remained sitting in perfect dark.
                "I wonder how he got in..."
                Asking herself that question, she stood quietly from her bed and sketched her way to the bathroom, her fingers tracing along the walls to ensure she wasn't going to bump into anything. She needed to rest in ease... Lana wasn't tired anymore, so she thought about a bath. Upon reaching it, she lit a few candles within the bathroom before closing the door and setting up for her daily ritual.


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                  Perhaps he was dreaming, but Vega could hear water. It wasn't a gentle dripping either, it was a pronounced gush of liquid. He groaned in his haze of semi-sleep, eyes easing apart only slightly. All was dark around him, except... except he was sure he could see a tiny slit of a warm yellow glow, dull but not so faint that he couldn't pick it out.

                  His mind now jogged through the memories from the previous evening; he remembered them all clearly, albeit a bit unevenly. He was in Lana's room now. That was the presence that he felt coming from behind the door across the room from him. As he tried to straighten himself up a little more, knocking his back against the wardrobe as he did so, he groaned - his joints ached.



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                    The water stopped a few seconds after Lana heard her name being said. It was odd, she felt as though Vega was now awake. Peeking from the bathroom, clothed only in her robe, Lana eyed Vega standing by her wardrobe.
                    "You're awake now... I hope it wasn't at my expence."
                    A soft smile creased her lips as she stared from the dim glow emitting from the room.
                    "I felt grogy after that night... So I was hoping I could take a bath before you awoke. Um... It seems that didn't go as I had planned."
                    She peered back into the bathroom a moment, then looked back to Vega.
                    "I hope you don't mind, I'll be really quick. I just can't stand feeling gross."


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                      He nodded softly and brought one hand up to rub his eyes lazily.

                      "Knock yourself out," he said with a slight laugh, getting up to his feet. He leant against the wall to his right and looked down at his boots, yawning a bit.


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                        She left him with a smile and brief nod before disappearing in the bathroom. Inside, Lana slipped off her robe and into the bath. She felt like falling asleep again, but knew she shouldn't (As she had company).
                        She made her cleansing brief, stepping from the bathtub and wrapping herself in her robe once more. She then blew out all her candles before leaving the room to search for proper attire for the upcoming day. Smiling again at Vega, she walked over to her wardrobe and dug through it thoughtfully.
                        "What's on your agenda for today, Vega?"
                        Pulling out her combat outfit, she stared a long while at it, debating whether or not she should wear it. She put it back and went on digging.


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                          He watched as Lana rifled through her wardrobe, catching brief glimpses of the various outfits she had stored away in there. He rose one eyebrow and smiled slightly to himself as she dug through the mass of garments.

                          "... Nothing, as far as I know."

                          He took a few paces away from Lana and stood by the door to her room, looking over to her window with a squint.



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                            Pulling out a pair of baggy forest khaki shorts and a black tanktop, Lana smiled in satisfaction.
                            "Well I'm not quite sure myself... I guess time will tell. Oh, will you excuse me for a moment?"
                            She walked back in the direction of the bathroom set on changing. Closing the door, Lana went on doing as such. After a time, she found herself gazing long into the mirror, debating how she should style her hair. Brushing through her hair, she figured she spent enough time wasting Vega's, so she concluded she'd leave it down for the day. She then walked out into the main living space.
                            The shorts traced well passed her knees, making them look almost like pants. Her black tanktop fit snuggly against her skin. She caught Vega's eye, and couldn't help but smile.
                            Lana paused a moment, thinking about her words. She looked around the room, then looked back at him.
                            "Do you think you could show me around TSE? There are but a few places I know for certain I can travel to without being penalised..."
                            A tinge of hopefulness was visable in both her eyes and voice as she awaited his answer.


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                              "Sure. If you don't mind making a stop off at my quarters just so I can pull on something more ... clean?"

                              He brought one hand up to run through his already tousled her and smirked a bit. He looked Lana up and down slowly, sighing a bit.

                              Blinking, he nodded to himself breaking his stare.

                              "Alright then.. is there anything you want to bring with you or are you good to go?"

                              Vega turned on his heel and pulled the door open, taking one footstep out into the hall before glancing back down over his shoulder at Lana expectantly.