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  • Vengeance of Old

    "You will never amount to anything, you worthless little thief." said the large man that stood above younger Daegal. For two months now, it had been like this. Day in and day out, he would work like a slave in order to pay of the debt that he owed for his freedom; freedom from home, from family and from responsibilities. As his lips opened slightly, as if to speak, he felt someone nudge him. Taking the hint, Daegal kept his mouth shut and the man passed by without striking him, for now.

    Looking over to see who had nudged him, Daegal furrowed his brow when he saw who it was. A small man looked back at him inquisitively. The man was obviously several years older than Daegal, who was fifteen at the time. However, the man was very small, almost sickly. "What is your name?" Daegal asked sharply. The small man merely smiled and said, "Doyle".

    "Well, Doyle, I owe you a debt of gratitude. You saved me from lashings today, and I should like to return the favor." Pausing slightly, Daegal awaited the man's reaction. After receiving none, he continued. "I would like to give you my desert for the next week."

    "No, no. It was nothing. Pledge me your friendship and all shall be considered settled." Doyle said. After agreeing to be friends, Daegal smiled and continued his work with a newfound vigor. It would be nice to finally have a friend around. Conversation was scarce in the camp and when it did happen, it usually wasn't about anything that friends would talk about.

    After the day's work was completed, Doyle and Daegal returned to their barracks. Surprisingly, they had the same barracks. The two conversed about everything from their previous family to previous relationships and established a mutual friendship.

    For weeks, the two became better friends, each beginning to trust one another. Trust was a hard thing to earn in the slave camps. Most everyone would sell even their own brother out to the "whips", as the slave drivers who gave the lashings were so affectionately called, for an extra meal. Over a period of six months, the two became very close friends. So close, in fact, that they called each other brothers.

    One day, after the work was done, Doyle called Daegal to his bunk just a few minutes before the lights were to be out. "I have something very important to show you." As Daegal approached, Doyle rolled up his left sleeve to reveal a tattoo. After close examination, Daegal realized that the tattoo was that of a dragon. After shooting Doyle a puzzled look, Doyle smiled wide at him.

    "This is what I need to talk to you about, my friend. You see, I am one known as a Sith. I was sent here to discover one with potential. After much searching, I have discovered that my Master was correct and you are the prospect that I was to find.", Doyle said. His face had now changed from a wide grin to completely emotionless.

    "You see, it is the will of the Dark Side that you become a Sith. I offer you my life as a protector and a servant, Daegal Murdoch.", Doyle said. Daegal's face was now that of complete shock. So much had been revealed so quickly.

    "Hurry now, we haven't much time. We must leave this place immediately.", Doyle said. No sooner had the words left his mouth that he had moved toward the wall and removed a panel. Reaching into the black hole that had now been exposed, he ran his hand along the ceiling of the entrance to the mouth of the dark tunnel. Grinning, he removed two sabers from the tunnel. Handing one to Daegal, he said, "Keep this with you. Do not attempt to use it until you have the proper training."

    Daegal clipped the saber to his belt and followed Doyle through the tunnel. The black abyss that soon surrounded them both seemed so dead, so cold and dead to Daegal. After what seemed like days of crawling through the tunnel, they emerged at the surface near a small, flat piece of desert.

    Doyle informed Daegal that this was where their ship was to pick them both up. Relieved that he did not have to do any more crawling, Daegal began to walk around to stretch his legs.

    Within minutes, a security force of four men armed with blasters came running over a dune near the landing spot. Sensing danger coming, Doyle ordered Daegal back into the tunnel. As the men neared, Doyle put his hand straight out from his body, parallel to the ground with his hand open-palmed. Slowly closing his hand, two of the men stopped dead in their tracks and fell to the ground, unable to breathe.

    Turning his focus back to the other men who were now within striking distance of him, Doyle ignited his saber and sprang into action. Jumping over one man, he landed in a crouch. As he stood, he quickly stabbed the defenseless soldier in the back with his saber.

    Letting out a fierce howl, Doyle fell to one knee. A blaster bolt had penetrated his left kneecap, shattering it instantly. Immediately, he knew that he had made one crucial mistake. He had forgotten about the last man. Now kneeling on the ground with a dark, crimson liquid pouring out from his pants, Doyle was defenseless.

    Closing to within several feet, the final soldier fired a bolt that struck Doyle in the head. A loud scream was heard from several feet behind the soldier as Daegal began charging with his new blue saber ignited. Just as the man spun on the balls of his feet, he was impaled in the side with the saber. Withdrawing it just as quickly as he had struck, Daegal pierced the man's body again and again. Until it became a lifeless corpse, devoid of any chance of resuscitation, he continued to drive the saber through the body.

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    The Sith Warrior sat upright in his bed, sweat dripping from his face. Cursing under his breath, Daegal got out of bed. He didn't understand why the dream had suddenly came back to him. It had been several years since he had last had the dream, before this week, that is.

    He could not shake the feeling that perhaps his old comrade was trying to tell him something. But what? Trying to warn him, perhaps? Thoughts swirled throughout Daegal's head as he entered his bathroom and splashed water on his face to try and bring himself back to reality.

    After splashing water on his face, Daegal felt that perhaps he needed to walk around a bit to clear his mind. So, he got dressed and left his room.