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Limps Slowly Into The MedLab

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  • Limps Slowly Into The MedLab

    After his battle with the Jedi Knight Satine, here, he limped into the Lab slowly, weak from the loss of blood sustained from the fight. A hole in his left arm, several cuts along his body, and a large bump on his head. He was in rough shape. His eyes grew heavy, before he fell to the floor with a loud thump.

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    Hearing the echo of a story shrouded behind a man and his mask, Lana pivoted her destination towards the sound. She was heading towards her dorm after a drink at Rama's when the occurrence roused her curiosity.
    Stepping to the room, she saw a man lying motionless on the ground. Lana hurried to his side and helped him up onto a bed. He appeared very much beaten up and weak, but hope was still with him yet.
    "Sir... If I may ask, are you alright?"
    Her voice was soft, assuring, but lacked concern. She's seen so much of this, too often. The feeling just passed her by nowadays....


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      He blinked his eyes in confusion, staring up at the ceiling. He knew he had hit the floor, but now he was on a bed. His gaze shifted to look weakily at the woman beside him, his voice barely above a raspy whisper as he speaks.

      "Yeah .. I'm fine, just a few scratches .."

      His voice faded softly, his eyes closing and his head tilting, pressing his cheek back against the pillow, fainting again from loss of blood.


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        While fainted, the Med Droids attended quickly to his body. Picking him limply up from the table, they carried him to the Bacta Tank, placing him inside. While inside, he slowly and weakly opened his eyes, gazing around the room through the Bacta. Thoughts buzzed around through his head.

        I'm going to make it ... I have to ... to prove myself more to the Empire ... to show everyone that I can be just as deadly as Master Rama, Master Havok, or anyone else ... to show them what I really am ... that I'm not just some punk kid ... I have to.