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    Lara sat on one's quarter's roof. Just watching the rare people passing by, she giggled lightly, but so discreetly that no one had heard her. Not a lot of people passed by ... What was she still doing around TSE ? It has been a while ... And she did not want to go out of the place. It was warm, comfy ... with high security. That was the only thing she feared. She might get killed without any hesitating of their part. She sighed, hugging her knees gently against her body as her smile faded. It was probably time to go 'home'.

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    Slideing down the tiles, and then quickly digging his feeting the guttering made miss lee turn quickly to view me, i have a light smile as i got comfitable.

    ' Ahh...that better..darn my butt hurts up here...Ow!' i said trying to get the butt in the right place so the tile was not digging into me.

    ' Anyway....what brings you onto a roof near my qaurters...i next to the one your sitting on ' i said tilting my head with a light sidesmile, my hair flopping to the side.


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      Lara watched as the man sat down near her, and smiled back. It was the first time she saw another man talk to her in here, besides MnT. Normal since she hid around, and wasn't even a member of the empire. She put a finger to her lips and smiled again, without even shushing. She knew he'd understand, then she looked back up, giggling softly.


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        Still trying to get my butt reajusted i finaly got comfitable and looked at the girl giggerling to herself...a strange young woman indeed,yet i looked up and saw nothing but stars...Sith...enjoying the stars?

        ' Wjat is is you like about them?' i said looking at her again.


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          She turned as the man asked her that question. Her smile and giggle faded. What was not to like about stars ? She looked at him for a long moment, then looked back up, pointing up at them. She spoke for the first time, ever since he came, her voice having a very soft and feminine voice.

          "They're simply ... beautiful."


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            OOC: Boo

            Lara May Lee, due to your somehow supposedly sneaking in Sith HQ could you send me a message at [email protected].