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  • In years past...

    Swinging his saber downward in a large arc, Daegal grunted. His training lately had been quite grueling, driving him nearly to the point of death. He stood in his quarters without his shirt on. So often he had been like this lately, so often. His entire life had been poured into training. Becoming the best Sith that he could be in the name of his Master and the Empire was all that entered Daegal's mind anymore.

    Daegal flicked a switch on his saber and the beam retreated in to the hilt where it would wait for the next opportunity to claim a life. Daegal sat down on the ground and crossed his legs. He had been training with both his mind and his body, lately, and the former was going to be the next target.

    Closing his eyes and feeling himself succumb to the darkness as it pierced his soul, Daegal smiled. A sick, twisted, sadistic smile. One that would have never crossed his face before he came to the Empire. So much had changed since that fateful day when he joined the Empire and became a Sith.

    Every emotion within Daegal had been changed somewhat since he began his training with his Master, then Lordess Dara Shadowtide. The only emotion that he had left was that of loyalty, and that was hardly an emotion. Everything else came second to Daegal's loyalty; nothing interfered.

    Suddenly, a loud beep eminated from the comm unit across the room. Cursing to himself, Daegal opened his eyes, stood, and made his way to the console. Pressing a button, a hologram sprang to life. The image of the person in the hologram was quite familar to Daegal, it was one that he had seen every day in his younger days. It was that of his father...

    "How could it be?", Daegal thought to himself. His father had been dead for years now, killed by Daegal's younger brother, Casey. Since that fateful day when he found out how his father died, Daegal had been seeking his brother so that he could enact the revenge that his father's name deserved. Contray to his belief, however, the image of his father appeared alive and well.

    After several seconds, the image began to speak. The words were crisp and to the point, as his father's normally were. He spoke slowly and methodically, almost as if he did not want to say what he was about to.

    "Son, word has reached me that you have advanced to the rank of Warrior as a servant of your Empire. I congratulate you immensely! You have aged tremendously in both physical age as well as mental prowess. Your maturity since I last saw you has increased tenfold. I have been keeping watch on you, Daegal, and you make me proud. You are an honor to the family name."

    Sighing deeply, his father began again. "Daegal, I have something very important to tell you that I have held off from telling you for so very long. You see, it is with deep regret that I must tell you what I am about to. After years of deception, the truth must be revealed to you, my son. You see, my wife is not your mother biologically, although you will always be a son in her heart."

    A look of horror spread across Daegal's face as he listened to what his father said. He knew that it must be a trick, for the woman that his father spoke of was most certainly Daegal's mother. So many years and so many memories he had with her. A flood of what Daegal thought were long-buried emotions filled his head, dizzying him.

    After pausing, the figure continued. "You see, Daegal, you were a product of a relationship prior to that of mine and your moth, err my wife. The woman that is your mother goes by the name of Gabrielle Sadow. She died years ago, and so I felt it not important to tell you until now, my son."

    Daegal could not believe the words that his father was uttering. Inifinite questions and possibilities filled his mind. Was this real? Surely not. After so long, how could she not be his mother?

    His father continued, "Seek out her heir, one Xavier Sadow, for he is your brother, Daegal."

    With that, the image disappeared. Quickly pushing another button on the comm console, Daegal barked, "Computer! Give me the date and location of that message's origin."

    "Unknown", came the monotonus reply of the computer.

    Daegal sat down on his bed, his head so dizzy from the influx of emotions that had been so long supressed within him. The information both devistated him and aroused his curiosity. Could it possibly be true?

    Know that there was only one way to find out, Daegal stood and moved to the door. Slowly, methodically, he walked down the halls of HQ toward the room of one Xavier Sadow. He had to discover if this man was really his brother.

    As he neared the door, Daegal knocked loudly. "Xavier, you there?"

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    His eyes avert from the ceiling slowly. He looks to the door and slowly starts to stand up. Xavier sighs quietly to himself as he grips his side gently, stretching in the opposite way, it still being a little sore from his last spar with Daegal. The young Disciple slowly stands, walking to the door slowly. He runs his hand back through his hair and rubs the inside corners of his eyes with his thumb and forefinger.

    Xavier reaches out slowly and presses a button on the wall, the door sliding up. His skin is almost abnormally pale though the muscles of his chest and stomach make it look almost normal. He looks at Daegal and smiles slightly. "Greetings, my friend. What brings you here...?"


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      Shifting his weight to one leg, Daegal was obviously uncomfortable. After all, it wasn't every day that one recieved a message such as he did. Looking at Xaiver, he spoke.

      "Well, I just recieved an interesting message from my father, whom I thought was dead. I have just been informed that we are brothers, Xavier.", Daegal said with a somewhat confused look on his face.


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        Xavier raises an eyebrow slowly. "We're what...? How is that possible..?" He cocks his head to the side slightly, his eyebrow still raised as he crosses his arms over his chest slowly.


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          Smiling slightly, Daegal prepared to answer the questions of "Apparently, my mother and your father had relations...."

          Daegal shifts his weight to his other foot, wondering what exactly Xavier would think of this..


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            Xavier leans against the door frame and runs his hand back through his hair slowly, looking to the ground before back to his brother. "Well.. makes sense I suppose. Though I didn't know her too well.. I suppose that's why my father never told me..."


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              Daegal knelt down and retrieved a knife from its sheath near his ankle. Standing, he said, "This is the Murdoch Family Dagger. The Warrior closed his hand around the knife and slowly, methodically, he turned the knife slightly and sliced his hand. Opening his hand, it was covered in blood. Offering the dagger to his brother, he said, "Let us seal it, my brother."


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                Xavier nods slowly and takes the blade from him, closing his hand around it before pulling it out of his grasp slowly. He takes his brother's hand as he spins the dagger around so the hilt is facing Daegal.


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                  The two clasp hands and their blood begins to mix, sealing their bond completely. Taking the dagger back, Daegal places it back in the sheath at his ankle.

                  "Brother, I invite you to come to my, no our home. I will have a place made for you by the time we arrive. A break from training would do us both good", Daegal said with a smile.


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                    Xavier smiles back and nods slowly. "Sounds pretty good to me. I could use some relaxation right now.." He smiles again to Daegal. "Lead the way, my brother.."


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                      "As you wish." With that, the two made their way toward Xavier's new home, Sadow Manor.