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A Room, A Room, My Kingdom For A Room

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  • A Room, A Room, My Kingdom For A Room

    ::Etanial, found himself once more wandering the halls of the Sith Empire. It had been ages since he had last found himself in this situation, and once more he found himself in need of proper quarters. Every room he checked however, seemed to be occupied, TSE had indeed grown since his early days here.::

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    "Is that who I think it is ?"

    It had been a long time since Eve saw Sir Etanial. When she met him, she was still a Sith Warrior, and her looks changed. Her hair was much longer now. She tilted her head to the side, smirking and leaning against her motorcycle.

    "Sir Etanial. It has been a long time."


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      ::He turned his head, his duffel bag swinging alongst his shoulder and looked to see who had addressed him.::

      Ah! Me, oh my, if it isn't Eve Siren. It's been a little while since I saw you. How are you doing?


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        "Same, same."

        Eve said, shrugging her shoulders. She studied X for a brief moment before continuing.

        "A little while ?? Look at you, Etanial, you have grey hair already."


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          True. I'm not a young man anymore. Haven't been for sometime.

          Honestly I must be creeping up on 50 now.

          Though my Clone body's only about 30 or so.

          *He sighs*

          ::Etanial motions to her motorcycle::

          Seems like every time I see you, you're leaning on that. You keep it inside the HQ here with you?


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            "I keep it near me, all the time."

            She ran her hand on the motorcycle's handles and grins. Like some men who were attracted to their ships, she was attracted to her motorcycle.

            "Just happens to be my baby. Oh, and don't worry, you look fine." She grinned.


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              ::Rubs his head and sighs::

              I've never really been too self conscient about my looks, honestly. Though thank you.

              ::Looks around the hallways::

              By any chance, do you know where I can find an empty room?


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                ::Chaos walked down the hallways. Where was Xan at? His uncle had told him to met him to help him find a room. He threated if he didn't then Xan woudl move in with Chaos. Chaos knew he was joking, but he knew he needed to help. Xan was one of his last relatives. He heard the older man's voice talking to another Knight. A woman named Eve. Chaos stopped and looked at his right arm. It was just a robotic shell of it's former self. It had all the things a real arm had. Chaos built it himself. The wires and metel looked like muscles in a arm. Only metalic. How could he go near any woman, friend or not now? Chaos shock his head. He promised Xan he would help. That is all that mattered now. We walked up to Xan.::

                "Dearest Uncle! I got you message to met you in the halls. Found a room yet?"


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                  ::He turned and gave a smile to his nephew::

                  Unfortunatly no, I was pleasently distracted by Lady Siren.

                  ::He turned back and smiled at her::

                  It appears the cavalry has arrived.

                  ::He turned again to look towards Chaos::

                  Perhaps you can assist your uncle in locating an empty one?


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                    Eve blinked in confusion, but didn't want to search for a clearer explanation. She smiled back at him and nodded to Chaos.

                    "Well, I'll leave you with your uncle, Chaos. Later, boys."

                    She jumped on her motorcycle and pressed on the handle, making her engine roar loudly before rolling off.


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                      "I believe there is one on the other side of mine Uncle. Shall you follow me?"

                      ::Chaos spun on his heel and made his way down the hall.::

                      "So Uncle, any other women in your life I should keep an eye out for as a new aunt?"


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                        ::Etanial stopped and raised his eyebrows::

                        New... aunt?

                        ::He shook his head::

                        I'm not looking for anyone right now Chaos, honestly not sure if I'll ever be looking for anyone again. But I guess time will reveal that.

                        ::Begins walking again::

                        Well, nephew dear, lead on.


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                          :: A Dark presence had been felt ever since X had entered the Sith Empire's HQ. As Chaos lead his Uncle X to his new room the presence grew stronger ::


                          :: A voice echoed in his mind ::


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                            ::Etanial stopped in his tracks, and allowed a smile to cross his lips. Even in his mind, it was a voice he would never forget.::



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                              A hand falls on Phantoms darkly cloaked shoulders.

                              "Still up to your old tricks of creeping up out of the shadows I see," Vega whispers with a slight grin, pushing past the Lord of Darkness after having appeared from God knows where.