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The Return Home...

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  • The Return Home...

    :: A long forgotten room stands alone in the corner, several yards away sit on both sides of the hall stand the doors to other members of The Sith Empire, some he has met, but must he has not. A dark shadow engulfs the corner where the room stands.

    Theres a loud sound, like that of old rusty metals grinding together. The door to the shadowed room slowly opens, a tall cloaked man stands in the doorway with bag in hand.

    He takes several steps in, looking around he smiles at the familiar sights ::

    Just the way I left it...

    :: Walking to the bed he sets his belongings down ::

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    :: Taking another look around he signals a service droid to clean up the room. The droid walks in slowly and begins the cleaning process ::

    Seems I have some time...

    :: Phantom says to himself. He turns around and walks out the door, shuting it behind him. Taking his time he walks begins to walk the halls in search of something ::


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      Walking the halls of the Empire headquarters, Daegal was hoping to clear his mind. So many emotions had clouded it lately, that he could nay make heads or tails of much anything. He knew that what he needed was some time to clear his head and get back to what his focus should be on: strengthening himself for the glory of the Empire and his Master.

      As he walked down the halls, he found himself feeling the signature of someone very strong in the ways of the Dark Side. He continued walking, making his way toward the signature.


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        It was a cold night with in the halls of the Empire's HQ. Athena was walking from the council room and towards her own room. She had seen Daegal not to long ago. He was thinking rather hard on his own thoughts and didnt hear her hellos to him. She didnt mind much, she was on her way to her own room.

        (ooc DP I love the Sig))


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          :: As the night dragged on he bumbed into someone he had not yet met ::

          Good Evening

          :: He said with a nod ::