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  • Insensitive

    Lana ran towards the Headquarters, a train of black following close behind her. She jogged up the steps leading to the massive doors, watched emotionlessly as they slammed open at the beckon of her Force push. Her breath was weak, and she walked what length she could in order to enter the building. Beneath a hood of pure darkness shone eyes that resembled the very definition of evil. Cold, hard, blazing crimson.... Lana was very much upset, and on the verge of taking someone down with her to the pits of hell.
    But she contained herself.
    Lana's glare was erased as she found her legs carry her down the lengths of the hallways that evidently lead her to her room. A few quick movements with her fingers along the keypad, and a click. She entered her room and felt an unseen force slam her door shut. Lana stood there and stared into the darkness a moment before proceeding slowly to her wardrobe. Whatever had angered her before seemed to slip from reality, as her cloak slipped off her back like silk to skin and her newest outfit revealed. A combination of a thin, pale violet robe, tied by a sash to the waist to refrain from falling off with a darker shade of purple. Lana turned around once and looked about the room. Pure darkness.....
    Somehow, she knew where she was going, walking elegantly across her floor to a shelf newly stacked with books of all sorts. She pulled a thick volume from one of its arms and placed it upon her bed. Lana stayed standing, tangling one long red ribbon between her fingers. Her fingers carefully flipped through the pages, scanning for the right one. A moment, and she stopped, looking long at its contents.
    It was a book her father gave her...... It used to be her mothers, she was told.
    No emotion shone through her thick and stubborn wall of determination. Lana simply parted her hair, tying her hair up into a single bun on her left side. The remainder of her ribbon traced down her shoulder, through down to her back as she fell to her knees and closed her eyes. Her hands clasped together. Lana started to silently chant to herself.
    One minute....
    A faint but deep purple aura caused her porcelain face to be highlighted ever-so-slightly as the rest of the room stayed still.
    Four minutes....
    Lana opened her eyes and looked down to the page. The light had gone, though she continued to read amid the darkness. Something was amiss..... what was wrong?
    It worked so many times before...... But something held her back. Lana swallowed hard and slammed the book shut, burying her face in her hands and crying silently.

  • #2

    Athena was walking the halls when a blur of black rushed past her. She didnt even have the time to turn to see who or what the blur was. As Athena did turn all she saw was the back of a cloak push around a courner. Athena said nothing nore went after the person who seemed in a rush.