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    {It had to be the longest night of her life...and it seemed far from over for the girl who was now forced to be a woman. It had started with a sharp pain, a quick rush to the med bay, a cry in the dark...then sorrow...sorrow so deep it could only come from one in her perdicament. Though some sorrow does not come alone, with it sometimes comes good news.
    Twins...a boy and a girl. The boy was currently with his father, sleeping...the girl however, remained in her mother's arms after everyone else had finally left her alone. They had tried to take the baby from her...she wouldn't allow it. Oni had refused to listen to everyone else. Stillborn...the term was unfamiliar but she could tell what it meant. Death.
    She didn't believe them. After all, couldn't a child simply pretend to die?}

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    He gently held his just-born son in his arms, cradling him as he looked back over at his wife and sighed. Still born they said. But she looks nothing like it. He thought to himself and faintly smiled at her. But, since we can't exactly pinpoint what species of human she is, we don't know if this is normal for the females...

    "Oni, it'll be alright..." He quietly whispered to her, sitting down in a chair that had been provided.


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      {A quiet sigh escaped her lips. It seemed so easy for him to say that..but she knew her husband was one of optimism and she knew what he was thinking. And he was right...even with this...everything would be okay....she just wouldn't be very happy.
      She glanced over at him and tried to return the faint smile but failed miserably. She looked back down to the small body in her arms...still not wanting to let go.}


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        Var smiled softly as Alexander, their son, yawned slightly in his arms and quickly fell back asleep. His concious telling him to give up on his daughter, even though he had a hunch this was something with her biology. He reached over and gently strokes the head of the newborn, and sighed softly. Still not cold like the dead... perhaps another sign..?


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          {She looked up slightly as she heard the door open, she glared at the medic slightly, knowing what he was there for and sighed...before she could say anything, however, the door suddenly slammed shut, catching the medic's fingers. She glanced over at Varlon for an explination, but he seemed just as surprised and then a tad bit occupied with trying to calm their son who was woken up by the loud noise.
          She looked up as the lights in the room flickered slightly, but a small cough caught her attention and she looked down to see a small pair of violet eyes staring back at her. Oni smiled slightly...they reminded her of her father's eyes...
          The small chaos that was occuring in the room seemed to fade away as Oni watched the baby girl yawn slightly and start to look around.}


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            After finally hushing Alexander by allowing him to suck on his pinkie, he smiled at his daughter. "Why good morning to you, Takai," He said softly and gently reached over to give her a gentle pat. Before he could however, she turned to face him, and something about her, something about her violet eyes made him stop and shrink away slightly.


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              {She looked up at her husband slightly and saw his reaction...she'd have to ask him about it later. But for right now, she was just happy to see that the medics were wrong about her daughter}


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                Varlon looked up at the medic whom had finally managed to gain entry after numerous "accidents" attempting to do so. "I'm really sorry doc. I don't know what happened," He said somewhat weakly. "Whatever it was, I'm just glad our daughter is alright, despite what you told us.."


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                  {The medic somewhat glared at Varlon with his last comment before looking at Takai with curiosity, but when the child looked at him he got an uncomfortable frown on his face before telling Oni that she could return to her quarters if she wanted but that he prefered if she stayed over night.
                  She nodded in understandment and watched the medic leave before looking back to her husband to see what he wanted to do...personally she knew that she rather return to their quarters and rest there...she didn't really like the medbay. But then again, who did?}


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                    Var looked over at his wife and nodded to her. "It's your choice, dear," He whispered quietly as to not awaken the twin sithlings. "Regardless of your choice, I'll be with you."


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                      {She smiled slightly}

                      ~"In that case..I'd like to return to our quarters...this place gives me the creeps.."~


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                        Cradling Alexander in one arm, he gently helped his wife up from her bed and held her as he started to guide her towards the door. "Back home it is then, my love, and our children.."