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    Lana, dressed in her lilac kimono and her hair tied up with her long red satin ribbon, walked from her room. She waited for the click of the lock on the door before assuring herself that her room was, in fact, safe from harm. She didn't have a lot to hide, but what she did have was reason enough to ensure a secure environment.
    Lana looked to her left, then to her right, long paths of dark corridors leading to unfamiliar regions of the HQ's. She didn't know where to begin her search for a long lost friend. Something inside lead her down the shady length to her right.
    So alone, she walked, taking each step into careful consideration.
    Lana had hoped this was the right way to her friend, Dalton.

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    Luring himself away from the dark satin of a few corners, Daltoned stepped into the light behind his friend, capturing her waist into a light hug as he snickered and twirled her lightly about for a moment,

    "Rawrh!!!" He roared, still within the twirling tulmult of giggles.


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      She had gasped at first, but quickly loosened as she joined her friend in laughter.
      "Dalton! It's you. I'm so glad you're really here!"
      Lana looked up at him, dried tears blanketing her cheeks from earlier. She didn't hesitate in returning the gesture of giving Dalton a tight hug also.
      And for the first time at TSE, she was ensured there was hope for her yet.


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        Clutching her with a tight squeeze himself, he laughed, running by a still wry grin as he stepped back to look upon her. He knew she wouldn't mind the surprise, it'd been a while since they'd spoken.

        "Wow, haven't see ya' in a bit..."


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          "I know, I even think I've grown! Vertically."
          She stood on the tips of her toes and grinned, keeping her chin up. Even on her tiptoes, she was a mere inch higher than her initial height of 5'4".
          "And mentally too. I'm not like I was a while back... When we first met."


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            "Always knew you'd become a smart one, always were quick anyway... Most of the time." He nudged her with a brush of his tail, chuckling slightly as he took a step back, expecting a sarcastic blow of some sort.


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              She laughed quietly and playfully hopped forward, punching his arm twice.
              ""Two for flinching.""
              Lana stepped back and looked around the halls, smiling slightly. She had an unfair advantage with Dalton. What, with his height and tails and all... So she stopped there.
              "We have so much to catch up on.... And I think we're crowding the hallways, so do you want to go to Rama's or something?"


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                Letting down his own guard Dalton grinned, chewing his lip in a moment's consideration before giving her a wide grin,
                "Why not? Let's make it interesting, if I can guess how many JD's you've drunken with the guys, you buy the drinks."

                His guess would be an impossible odd, and he figured that would enough to show that he'd be more than willing to spare a few monies in exchange for memories.

                "I'll meetcha' there."