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  • Silent Night

    As midnight swept a silent veil of darkness over the HQ, a figured moved through the pale remaining moonlight. Entering the HQ, he made his way quickly towards Lana's quarters, whilst being ever so careful not to disturb the Disciple. After a late night talk in Rama's, it seemed Lana was ready to collapse in bed, so Vega slipped his way into her room.

    "Almost there," he whispered ever so softly.

    He stepped into her bedroom and sat down slowly onto the bed, gently allowing Lana to slip from his arms onto the bedcovers.

    For a moment he sat and gazed down at her placid expression, brushing aside a stray strand of ebony hair from her face. He glanced about a bit then shifted a little on the bed to sit by Lana, slipping one arm beneath her so that her head rested against his body. A wide smile covered his face and he slowly leant his head back, closing his eyes.

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    Lana smiled softly, her head nestled comfortably upon Vega's chest.
    "Goodnight, my love...."
    Her voice was no louder than a whisper. Lana closed her eyes and lightly rubbed her hand up Vega's chest before drifting off to sleep.