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  • do whispers Echo?

    Athena sat in her room and thought on many different things. Her latest thing to think upon was if she was ready to teach others. Personally Athena didnt think so. But her Master thought other wise. Could she be responsicable for another yet? Hell was she ready to take care of herself yet?

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    :: Returning from the training grounds, Dara was walking past Athena's quarters when she was reminded that they hadn't really had many opportunities just to speak and relax lately. The Sith Master decided to see if her apprentice was home and turned around to approach the door to Athena's dwelling ::


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      Athena had felt the chill whip around her room. She knew the feeling well it was that of her Master.

      With a smile Athena jumped from her seat and stood next to a large chair in her quarters. She finally felt the chilling ripples of darkness return to her door as it jingled to see if she was home. She answered the alarm as the door slide back to the left to reveal Sith Master Dara Shadowtide.

      " welcome Master, wont you join me? "


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        :: Dara smiled upon seeing her loyal apprentice Athena ::

        "Certainly. How have you been? I have not seen you lately since you have been rather active in battles.. and of course bringing much pride to your Master."

        :: She stepped inside and looked around ::


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          She smiled at her Masters words.

          " I love to please you Master. Although I have lost something you gave me. You see I was fighting Verse Dawn...something from the Lightside. Some man in black came and took him from the fight. But in his ribs lay my Sith Dagger that you had given me. I followed the two to the GJO Bar. There another Jedi removed my dagger and kept it from me. I finally left the Bar with out my dagger. Although the Jedi was removed from the bar as well with three people holding him up. You see Lord Vega, Sith KNight Eve, Myself, Phantom Magus, MnT, Seiken, and others were all fighting. There was more then one Jedi although. Lord Vega smashed the Jedi with Lighting..It was amazing this elegant blue...anyways.

          I sent my normal daggers just behing it and the Jedi fell from each hit. Verse and Seiken got into it and the Jedi threw my Fellow Sith over a railing. I greeted the Jedi with a punch then a stab into the side with my Sith Dagger from you. A quick twist to the right and he was down. Then thats when the man came and took him. "

          *Athena had finally finished her story or well the important part so far. She took a seat and offered one to her Master.

          " Then At the bar I saw her... She looks JUST like Dale. BUt a no good lightsider. She took my Dagger and gave it to someone... the Padawan of Verse.. Xasor, I will kill her to get it back. "


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            :: Dara's thoughts lingered on the lost weapon as she listened to the tale of the battle. Retrieving a weapon was not an easy task yet she could sense that Athena longed to have the blade Dara presented to her back in her own possession once again. She smiled and nodded to her loyal apprentice and then took a seat across from her ::

            "I'm sure it was indeed a glorious battle and that you once again brought pride not only to me but to the Empire with your skill level. And of course Vega wielding force lightning at long last was most likely an impressive sight, as is anything he does. Now tell me though, do you know for certain that this Xazor has the blade still?"


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              She looked at her Master and nodded.

              " If not the Padawan of Verse, Then Im sure she has given it to another Master. Although I dont know who. "


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                :: Dara pauses in thought and then nods a short time later ::

                "What do you intend to do about this, Athena? I know how much you treasured the blade I had given to you. I could perhaps purchase a replacement if you think it has been destroyed by the Jedi already."


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                  No its fine. They just have there grubby little hands on it. I will go after the Padawan... I shall either get my dagger back from her... Or take a token from her for the replacement of it.


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                    :: Dara smiled with pride at Athena. She was always so headstrong and went after what she wanted without hesitation. Dara felt fortunate to have such an impressive apprentice ::

                    "If I know you, there will be a trail of blood marking your path to the blade, my apprentice."


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                      Athena looked up at her Master, her eyes where as red a crimson fire storm...

                      " The blood of Verse, his padawan and whom ever else attempts to stop me. Although I could make it touch more fun...Care to help me Master? "


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                        :: A smile quickly spread upon Dara's lips at what Athena was eluding to ::

                        "Very intriguing offer.. and one which I could not possibly pass up, my apprentice. What did you have in mind?"


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                          The Death of any Jedi who knows of my dagger or even who doesnt know of my daggers where abouts. And until I have my dagger back.


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                            A figure looms in the doorway.

                            "You should really improve the security on these doors, you know?"

                            Stepping into the room, arms folded over his chest, Vega nods to Athena then bows to his Master.

                            "Forgive my intrusion, only I overheard your mentioning going after the Jedi we encountered as a group ... I wouldn't mind tagging along if you go after them, that is if you don't mind the burden."


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                              Athena smiled as she saw Vega lumming in her doorway.

                              " Lord Vega, I would love to have you join Master Shadowtide and myself. Seeing how you where there when I lost my dagger. "