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    The initiation was complete. His acceptance into the fold had been granted by the Sith Mistress Shadowtide, and now he was an official ranking member of the Empire. So why didn’t it feel much different? He had expected some immediate change, a feeling inside that told him he once more had purpose. Though, to no avail – perhaps the excitement had been tapped out on his first encounter with Jeseth. After all, it was not as if he was completely new to the dark side – he, Quellin, Jeseth and Turbogeek had all ventured out on a mission together; he’d felt the brotherhood, the bond that was held between Cloak and his apprentices.

    Now though, he had to fracture it. He doubted it would affect the others; after all, they too would have noticed their Masters absence and probably moved on also. If not, in the future there would be a toll to pay – hopefully by then he would be able to hold his own if combat was needed against a vengeful fellow disciple.

    So now Salem paced the halls. He wandered, aimlessly, looking for something to occupy his mind. It was a-light with thoughts of his future, yet the thirst could not be quenched until those who were to mould his destiny were present – he could do nothing without his Master.

    As he turned the corner of the corridor, a sharp pain cascaded up his spine, jerking his whole body forward. He crumpled to the floor shuddering, his body convulsing violently as he clawed at his head in an attempt to hold it still, to cease the blur whipping around him.


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    Eden turned around immediately. Her blue hair following the motion of her head, she ran to the place where the scream could be heard. Usually, she would not care, but this time, it was a Sith. And she was tired to be alone in this place.

    She saw a rather dark man to the floor and bent down next to him. He seemed to be shaking uncontrollably. She couldn't understand what was wrong with him.

    She had heard that there was a medbay in these Headquarters. She picked the man's arm up and wrapped it around her shoulders then dragged him to the medbay. Arriving there, some bots immediately took control of the situation. They placed him on a metal bed and examined him without even looking back at her. But she leaned against the wall near the entrance/exit, watching them work carefully.


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      Salem's body shock in violent waves, kicking up his feet then knees and moving on upwards towards his head. The medbay workers quickly shackled his wrists and ankles down to the table top and tightened a strap over his midsection resulting in the severity of the shudders lowering.

      He gaped for air and strained upwards as he stared in horror at the ceiling. The black of his eyes shrunk to a thin slit in the middle of his eye, leaving a white void all around.

      Then, suddenly, the shaking subsided. The judders became more twitches, and the look of disbelief on his face slipped away into a blank hollow stare.


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        What the ... What was happening to him ? Eden remained clueless. It was even, somehow, creepy. His eyes ... They were just white. She wanted to yell at the bots, but remembered that she hated talking.

        She crossed her arms over her stomach, her hands holding onto her elbows as she remained silent, waiting for something to happen.



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          The feel of the unyielding metal at his wrists made him struggle a bit. For the first time since entering the room his eyes moved away from the roof above him and slid towards the girl standing near the doorway. The iris and pupil expanded once more to fill up a normal amount of space as he focused upon the girl.


          Salem stammered then stopped talking, his gaze once more being drawn up to look above.

          "... is going ..."

          A sudden grimace, then he seemed comfortable again.



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            He talked. She hesitated between answering or not, but still walked towards him. When she arrived, she only looked down at him, giving him a sad look. What is going on ...? I wish I knew.


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              His arm instinctively moved to snap upwards to catch the girl offguard and grab her collar, but with the restraints all it did with shoot pain through his forearm. He winced.


              After a brief surge of anger for the quiet, he calmed. His emotions were quite obviously on overload because of something, though the cause wasn't so obvious.

              "You speak with your thoughts," he spoke into her mind, his words half statement, half question.


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                Giving him a dirty look, Eden pulled his arm off of her. Calming down before doing anything stupid, she stepped away from the bed as he spoke to her. Next time, I'll continue my way instead of stopping for an ungrateful idiot. She told herself, as she ran her fingers through her blue hair.



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                  A hiss passed his lips as he relaxed somewhat.

                  "I didn't know... you had brought me.. here," he coughed, partly out of an attempt to shepherd himself some sympathy from the girl.

                  "I thought you'd," Salem winced as a pain tingled in his head, "...attacked me."


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                    Eden sighed slightly. In all honesty, she would've thought the same if she was in his shoes. She turned her gaze away from him, looking at the ground. She decided to stay silent. Besides, he could read her mind anyways. Her crimson eyes closed half-way. This time, she wasn't hesitating on to speak or not to speak, but to leave or not to leave.


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                      The mind manipulation lessons with Jeseth came into their essence now. He tapped into her mind only slightly, reading her emotions, what she wanted, her drives.

                      "Don't go..."


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                        "Don't go..."

                        Eden blinked, surprised. A minute ago, he practically wanted to kill her. She didn't understand why, but she obeyed to his request.

                        "I ..." She hesitated. "I won't."


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                          For the first time her voice rang clear in the room. It gave him a slight feeling of comfort, a feeling that at least some normality was present. He'd half expected that the tiny alteration of her drives wouldn't work, but appeared it had.

                          "Good," Salem spoke quietly, his voice was a little hoarse.

                          "... What's your name then, quiet?"


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                            "Eden." She said dryly.

                            She watched him getting more comfortable. She spoke, but it wasn't in her intention to start an intense deep conversation. She was never good at that anyways. She crossed her arms, looking at him.

                            "Eden Sorne." She added.


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                              "Thank you for helping me, Eden."

                              His thanks were few and far between, and though Eden would not known to do this, she should have savoured the words.

                              "I'm Salem," he paused, "Good to meet you... even if it is under questionable circumstances."