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A respite from pain

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  • A respite from pain

    :: Lyra enters the medbay stiffly; her long training spar with Master Shadowtide had left her bruised, bloodied and aching all over her body. A droid directed her to a bed, instructed her to disrobe and lie under a sheet to wait for someone to tend to her wounds. She drew the curtain and obediently complied. Removing her blood encrusted garments proved a painful task. (a broken rib or two? she wonders) Her hair, also matted with blood hung stiffly around her face. She longed for a shower but waited patiently, driftying into an exhausted sleep on the table.

    Sometime later she awoke, feeling better. The droids had attended to her wounds and cleaned her up while she slept. Finding her garments clean and mended, she dressed quickly and stepped out from behind the curtain. She looked and listened for a moment. The medbay was abuzz with purposeful activity. Everyone doing their jobs, oblivious to her; one who no longer needed attention. She shook off that feeling of lonliness that so often crept upon her since she came to TSE. But still, the insidious doubts assailed her even as she pushed them away. Firmly focusing her mind on the next phase of her training, she walked swiftly out of medbay and headed for the Sim. ::

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    "I would'nt if I were you..."

    *Lyra turns to find Bi0 leaning against the wall...probably wondering why she didn't she him there before*

    "...You'll just be back in the Medbay in less time then before...not even I go back to fighting that quick...cause it's..well...stupid".

    *Walks toward Lyra*

    "You should really wait until you truly are better Lyra".


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      Startled, Lyra walks over to Bio, smiling.

      "Oh, I'll be alright. Perhaps I should take a little more time to recuperate, but I am anxious to move to the next level of my training..."

      Suddenly, Lyra stops talking and puts her hand to her head, "oh, I feel a little dizzy", she murmers and pitches forward toward Bio in a faint. Bio, unprepared for this turn of events reaches out and catches her in his arms.

      Lyra's eyelids flutter a bit and she opens her eyes, reaching up and putting her arms around Bio's neck. With a twinkle in her eye she smiles up at him, "Gotcha!"


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        *Holding Lyra in his arms, Bi0 decided to play her
        game...starting by rolling his eyes in a fun manner*

        " appears I have fallen into a trap of some do I get out?"

        *Turns his eyes back to Lyra*


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          :: Glad to see Bio lighten up a bit, and confident that she wouldn't be dropped, Lyra lets her head fall back and closes her eyes.

          "Oh, I'm just so weak. I suppose you'll have to carry me to the cove to recuperate; I just don't think I can make it."


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            *Shakes his head in a nice manner*

            "I don't think so...if anyone saw that I might die from embarassment...and what if Master Shadowtide saw? Best not take chances"

            *Looks back at the Medbay*

            "But I can at least carry you back to MedBay..."


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              :: Not one to worry about the opinions of others, (much to her sister's chagrin...) Lyra rolls her eyes and straightens up a bit, not wanting to put him into an awkward situation. She glances up into his burning eyes and winks with a grin.

              "Well thank you, but I do need to return to the cove for some things before I meet my next challenge. Perhaps you could walk with me?" ::


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                *Shifts his hat little*

                "I suppose it wouldn't hurt..."


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                  :: Laughs a little as she steps back and rubs her sore neck and shoulder a bit.

                  "Well, as long as it won't hurt."

                  She turns to leave the medbay. ::


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                    "You really should just go back to Medbay but oh well..."

                    *Follows Lyra*


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                      :: Slows down to walk beside BiO.

                      "They've done all they can for me here I think. I don't mean to ignore your advice. If you really think I should stay, then I will. I'll just rest a little more and head over to the sim. OK?"

                      Looks up at him questioningly (why is it so important to me to please him, she thinks, a bit annoyed with herself).


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                        "Well, I see no reason to go back...seeing as you can stand. Maybe I'm being to worried about you. I do indeed care for you but I do not wish to restrain you...basically, it's your call".

                        *Stops Lyra and holds her shoulder with his hand while looking into her eyes*

                        "And you don't have to worry about refusing one's advice. Advice is only a possible option if you wish it...but in the end, the final call is entirely up to you".


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                          ::Smiles up at BiO gratefully.

                          "I do appreciate your advice--but i guess I will just have to do this my own way then. I'm off to the sim. I feel ready. If it turns out that I'm not--well, If I survive, then you can say "I told you so!"

                          She gives him a wink, a quick kiss on the cheek, and before she can have second thoughts, she runs off toward the sim, not looking back. ::


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                            *As he watches Lyra dash off, Bi0 just shakes his head*

                            [To no one]"Lyra, you are such a silly girl...*chuckles*".

                            *Turns around and walks the other way with his Staff hitting the floor every two steps*