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A lost soul....

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  • A lost soul....

    ::Yurza stumbled into his room and slammed the door behind him. He flung everything in sight to the corners::

    "Why me!?"

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    Lana was wandering the hallways of the HQ when she heard the most disturbing of noises. She gazed in the direction of the sound source, walking silently towards it.
    Things crashing about, a man yelling..... Something was wrong, and she felt rude to intrude. But something had to be done. Gathering all the courage she had within, Lana felt her hand instinctively knock lightly on the door.
    She doubted it could be heard, given the noise that was inside possibly drowning out the sound of her interruption, but she had hope, nonetheless.


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      ::Yurza turned to his door and flung it open::

      "WHO IS IT?!"


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        Lana flinched, then looked to the man. Her eyes glistened crimson in annoyance.
        "Don't speak to me in that manner, 'Sir.' I'm simply wondering if anything is the matter."


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          ::Yurza looked at the woman for a moment and then began to laugh::

          "Only life....only life......"


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            "Life? Not to sound nosey or anything, but why do you say that?"


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              " much as I hate it...I fear it will not be that long before it is taken from me."


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                Her eyes narrowed slightly at his words as she sneered her own quietly.
                "Death is what you make of it.... If you fear death, it shall come to you. If you don't wish to die, then don't be afraid of future events such as death."
                Lana sighed and calmed herself, her eyes glistening it's usual chestnut color before looking off. A sudden thought came to her mind to further change the course of this conversation. Perhaps she'd allow him to think of his next retaliation after a brief introduction.
                "...I haven't even introduced myself. Forgive me. My name is Lana Westbrooke...."


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                  ::Yurza sneered at the lady::

                  "I fear nothing...but having somethng taken from me is not exactly on the top of my list."

                  ::Yurza then nodded at her as she introduced herself::

                  "I am Yurza.....haven't we met before?"


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                    "Perhaps not face to face, but I do recall seeing you before.... When I first came."
                    Her face flushed slightly.
                    "....Look, maybe you should rest? Clear your thoughts....? It might help you to feel better, don't you think?"


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                      ::Yurza shook his head slowly::

                      "No amount of rest will help me now.....only preparation."


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                        "Whatever for....?"


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                          "For my last days.....and to prepare the way for my brother...."