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  • *Crumbling Walls*

    ~Alisa and Xavier return from <a href=>Rama's</a> and their evening walk to one of the castle ruins on the surface. As they stop just outside her room, she turns to him and speaks quietly in the lateness of the hour.~

    "Thank you again for a wonderful evening, Xavier. Would you like to come in for a drink?"

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    Xavier smiles slowly as he looks down at her. "A drink sounds great.." He smiles again and squeezes her hand gently.


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      ~Alisa smiles as he steps inside, closing the door behind him and then leading him over to a small sitting area in front of a fireplace.~

      "What would you like to drink, Xavier?"


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        Xavier smiles at her and walks around the room slowly, his eyes scanning everything. "What do you have?"


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          ~She watches him move around the room as he looks at pictures of the Sha family on the wall. Just recently returned to the Empire, Alisa's quarters were not that extensively decorated just yet, however the furniture and decor already in place reflected her royal upbringing.~

          "I have Corellian Ale if that is to your liking."


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            Xavier looks at the pictures then turn around and smiles to her. "That sounds perfect.." He looks back to the pictures for a moment then walks over to Alisa.


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              ~She smiled and then walked over to the kitchen area and took out two glasses, one for his ale and the other for her brandi. After pouring their drinks, Alisa walked back over to Xavier, handed him his glass and then they took a seat on the couch as the fire flickered before them.~

              "Thank you for dinner tonight and the walk on the surface. I had a good time, especially when I got to kill that creature in the castle."

              ~She smiled.~


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                Xavier nods his thanks as she hands him the ale and takes a long drink from it as they sit. He chuckles quietly at her comment. "I had a great time, Alisa." He smiles and takes another drink, staring into her eyes.


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                  ~Alisa sets her glass down on the table in front of them and then turns on the couch to face Xavier.~

                  "So, are your quarters very far from here? I haven't even walked around the compound here much. Maybe we could do that some time when it's not so late."


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                    Xavier smiles at her and talks a long drink of the ale, setting it down on the table then looks to her. "I had quarters a while ago but now I have an estate at my brother's.. Daegal Murdoch."


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                      ~She looks over at him in surprise.~

                      "Oh you mean you didn't keep a room here too? That seems so far away... although I'm glad you have found your brother after so long and all."

                      ~Alisa smiles.~


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                        Xavier smiles back and finishes off the ale quickly.

                        "As am I.."


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                          ~Alisa smiled and took another drink of her brandy.~

                          "You have been busy with some spars around the Empire, haven't you?"

                          ~She notices his glass is empty.~

                          "Oh would you like another ale, Xavier?"


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                            Xavier smiles to her and nods.

                            "Yeah I've been in my fair share of spars. All rather good ones."

                            He smiles again to her and runs his hand back through his hair.

                            "No thank you."


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                              "Who have you sparred again? I know you told me once, but I can't seem to concentrate sometimes when you are around me, Xavier."

                              ~She smiles at him and laughs lightly.~