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    The Sith Lord, for once, was in his quarters. He had been for an hour or so, and during this time had been doing nothing but sit ups and press ups. Currently, he was on his second hundred of press ups, and yet still was visibly fine. A grin, or gritting of teeth perhaps, was on his face as he stared intently down at the ground.

    Thanatos had gone missing. He didn't know where the boy was. Darius was training. Galatea was a virtual recluse. Things were not going how he had wanted them to. He'd alawys wanted to make his family something to be proud of, to show that not all Van-Dervelds had to be the way his ancestors had been, but it seemed he was just as bad as them at the whole matter.

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    " .. Daddy ?"

    A little voice came out from the entrance door. Opening slightly, a head peeked in. A young girl with brown hair and two white streaks. This room belonged to her father but she came here whenever she felt like being left alone. Insisting again because she heard no answers, she stepped in the room slightly.

    " ... Father ?" This time, she said with a more firm voice.


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      It was after her self training that Lana had even considered paying her significant other a visit. Whatever lured her to do that did a good job, for she didn't even bother to change from her dress of shadows.
      Lana, dressed in more fancier attire than usual (A long, flowing black dress), peeked cautiously from her room to check the area. All clear. She was set....
      She stepped from her room, closing the door abruptly behind her. A click and she was assured her sanctuary was safe. Lana brushed her gown off before setting off through the halls towards Vega's dorm.
      It fascinated her, she concluded, that she remembered the way after only visiting once, and upon reaching, found that he had company already. A young girl...
      She stayed back a distance, debating on whether or not to interfere....


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        He stopped in mid press up, glancing up at his guest. Vega stood up slowly, wiping the sweat from his brow with the back of his wrist.

        "Galatea," he said with a slight smile.

        He picked up the towel that lay on his bed and wiped some o the perspiration from his skin before approaching his daughter.

        "It's good to see you," Vega's smile grew a little, "How are you?"

        He opened his arms as if going to hug her.


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          "I'm doing good ... And you ?"

          Galatea left her father standing there, his arm opened. Running her gloved hand through her hair nervously, she bit her lower lip. She had never been fully comfortable around her father.

          "Uh, what are you doing here ? It has been a while since you've stepped in here ..."


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            He sighed and let his arms fall to his sides. It really was pointless to even try with her, she would never quite adjust to him. Glancing back up at Galatea, Vega brought one hand up to rub his right temple.

            "I'm fine yes... just doing a little bit of training here."

            He paused and put his hand back down at his side.

            "Sorry if I intruded on your space here, I know how you like to shelter in here."

            Aside from his daughter, there was another presence near. He could feel the familiar Force signature lurking around somewhere outside of the door to his room. Narrowing his eyes a little, he paced past Galatea - who moved to the side abruptly as he walked forward - and leant out into the hallway to see Lana.


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              Her heart froze for a second before resuming to it's usual pace.
              "Should I come by another time....?"
              Lana smiled timidly at first, then looked at the ground.
              "I... um... I didn't realize you had company."


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                "No, no. It's quite alright."

                Vega paused for a second, obviously thinking about something.

                "Come in."

                He turned back around to look at Galatea, before looking back to the hallway as he held the door open for Lana.


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                  Galatea was suprised to see another woman standing there. She stepped aside to let her in, her gaze falling down to the ground shyly. She bit her lower lip nervously, holding her hands together.


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                    Lana stepped into the room. Quietly, slowly. She didn't know how to act, what to think, or to expect. A feeling of intrusion seeped into the pit of her stomach.
                    Again, she smiled timidly and tried hard not to let the wrong impression surpass on the girl.


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                      He let the door close then turned to look at Lana and Galatea. The uneasy aura they both gave off washed over him as he looked at the two women.

                      "Galatea, this is Lana Westbrooke, one of the Disciples here...Someone very special to me."

                      He paused and smiled a bit.

                      "Lana, this is my daughter Galatea."


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                        Her face burned slightly before nodding polietly to Galatea.
                        "A pleasure to finally be able to meet you, Miss Van-Derveld."


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                          "Umm ..."

                          Galatea's eyes shifted from her Father to the woman he called "Lana." Someone very special, he says ... No doubts about it. That was the woman who had replaced her mother. Biting her lower lip slightly, she remained silent, remembering the moments of her past.

                          Galatea barely spoke to her Mother, but then again, she barely spoke to anyone. But the death of her Mother troubled her, and made matters worse. Now ... Lana.