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Home sweet home? (open)

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  • Home sweet home? (open)

    *He walks down one of the many hallways, he admires the pictures on the wall briefly and then turns his attention to the paper in his hand...'find a room' it says.*

    "Great! Find a room.... well...... ok."

    *He walks around aimlessly with no hope, carrying his bags and equipment. He stops in the hall after not finding any room. *Sigh* He takes in a deep breath and leans up against the wall. 'Time to rest' he thinks..'find a room?.. How do I know whats vacant or not? I dont want to knock on someone elses door..... Find a room!! BAH!' He slides down the wall and ends up sitting down on the ground with his bags next to him... he yawns briefly and closes his eyes to rest for a moment...*

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    The Sith Knight was walking down the hall and smiled. She had been in the Med Bay for a while after a devistating fight.

    She removed a datapad from her pocket and handed it over to the disciple.

    ~That is the list of open rooms. That is how you find a room.~

    She smiled and returned on her way. Usually she didn't speak in the force, but since her Jaw was broken she had too.


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      *He held the datapad in his hand and heard something from the passing woman, but did not see her lips move... 'incredible' he thought... as she walked on her way he stood and shouted out to her;*

      "Thank you m'lady, you've helped me most graciously today..."

      *And as quickly as she had appeared she had once again vanished... he brought his attention to the datapad... He quickly found a room that was marked as Vacant. He started making his way there.*