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Bloody Footprints...( A return.)

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  • Bloody Footprints...( A return.)

    ...lined the hallway of The Sith Empires H.Q.. She had slipped in with out to many of the other members seeing her. After she landed the shuttle that brouhgt home Sith Lord Vega and herself from the fight. She sent out an emergency call to the HQ to let them know of the Sith Lord in the shuttle. Finally on the 3rd level of personal quarters Athena made her way to her room. She had finally gotten home from a <a href=>fight</a>. Sith Lord Vega Van-Derveld, herself and Anbira.

    The Jedi Master had caused over 90% of her wounds. Everything from a broken jaw to a gash in her upper torso. She was bleeding and leaned on the walls for support. She could feel 3 of her ribs broken, she had cuts, bruises, broken bones. A head wound and other internal damage. Her force signature was weak and she couldn't talk. Her left hand was tucked up in her cloak covering her gash in her torso. Drenched in blood that ran down her arm and legs, leaving bloody footprints on the floor behind her.

    With her eyes closed Athena walked on, she had been hung from a steel wall with the durasteel holding her up, thrown from a cat walk, attacked by Hob, had part of a spaceport fallen on her, and then had Vega thrown into her where they both hit a wall. Just her behind him taking the brunt of the hit to her back.She couldnt remember how many times she had been thrown into a wall. She opened her eyes for a moment and noticed her room was only two doors down now. Sleep was needed as the fight took more out of her then she thought it would. Finally at her quarters the door slid open but her body was done. Athena slid from her propped up position against the wall and ended up on the floor face first. Half of her body was in the hallway and the other half in her room. A slight heartbeat could be heard and her back lifted and fell as she breathed still. A trail of bloody footprints could be seen down the hallway. The thunder clashed outside as the darkness started to fill the H.Q.

    ( just dont put Athena in Bacta..Thanks..)

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    As per usual, the med team of the Empire were highly efficient. They had arrived at the ship in the dock only a short time after Athena had summoned them, with stretchers and all, ready to transport the beaten Sith. Two aides lifted Vega up into their transport and quicly shuttled him off to the medbay.

    After being lifted up onto one of the many metal examination tables in the room, the droids and doctor team began to analize the Sith Lords body. He had multiple fractures in his ribs, a partially fractured shoulder bone, dislocated right ankle as well as numerous other cuts and wounds. Vega did indeed appear to be in a terrible state, but it was not in vain. Vega might not have known in his current state, but they had performed well in battle against Anbira, and although a definite victory had not been achieved, it would most certainly be a battle to remember.

    With bacta applied, the Lupine now lay, hooked up to some sort of stabalizing equipment, silent.


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      :: Phantom could sense Athena before she ever entered the HQ. Feeling she was weak and injured Phantom ran like the wind to her quarters, as he turns the corner and sees her laying on the floor he stop, his heart begins to race, his eyes burn brightly.

      He slowly walks to the door, clinching his fists he looks down. Hate and great pain fill his soul as he looks at his true love. Bending down he checks her if shes still alive.

      He picks his up, walking into her room he places her on her bed. A tear falls from his eye as he looks her over. He calls to the medical droids ::


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        She got the word that Vega and Athena arrived back in serious condition. Lana first caught a glimpse of Phantom taking Athena to her quarters; She was being well taken care of. But what of Vega?
        Lana scoured the headquarters, looking for a sign... Any sign. Then, she saw him.
        A mess, he was, laying in a room with every possible IV hooked up into him. Her eyes weakened as she found herself walking... Walking towards him. Slowly, sadly. Lana felt almost sick as she looked on at his battered body.
        For a long time, she just stood there, looking on. Lana didn't speak, and wasn't intent on doing so. Vega needed his rest, she reminded herself, finally taking a seat beside him.
        For a long time, Lana looked on. And for a long time, she wondered if he was going to be okay.


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          Blood lined the floor as Tempist walked through the complex to his quaters. A trip back from his suppliers, and he needed to drop off the materials for a few special orders he had to fufill. The blood caught his attention though, and he couldn't help but follow the trail. To his dismay, it lead to the quaters of his friend, Athena. She had been the only person to beat him in a spar so far, and they had been friends ever since. He glanced into the room and saw her lying limply on her bed with Phantom over her. Panic flooded over him, and he ran in to see how she was.

          "Is there anything I can do to help?"


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            The small med driod was already in the hallway when the Sith Lord ordered it to come and look at Athena. It had searched the shuttled records and noticed she was on the ship as well.

            After a search of the ship it realized she was not there. upon rolling down the halls of the HQ. Then the voice of Phantom ordered the Driod to check on Athena.

            It rolled over and started to check on Athena.

            A read out of her wounds showed all from a broken jaw to a gash in her upper torso.

            "Metalic Voice"

            ~ Sir she will live, Although she is allerigic to Bacta. She will need a natural healing time. She will not be able to talk for awhile either. ~

            The little driod wheeled out on its way to the Med bay to get other driod to carry the limp body.


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              :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide entered the headquarters after receiving a report on two of her apprentices arriving in a bloodied condition. Her apprentices had obviously battled a very worthy adversary and were returning after a lengthy combat.

              Rushing into medbay, Dara immediately summoned additional medical staff to attend to Sith Lord Vega Van Derveld. Looking around in almost a panic, she didn't see Athena. Grabbing one of the medical assistants, she shook the woman hard while yelling ::

              "They didn't put her into bacta did they?!? Where is she? Tell me!"

              :: A small droid scurried in and announced that additional medical personnel were needed in the personal quarters of Sith Knight Athena Lady Darknss. Throwing the assistant against the far wall, Dara turned sharply on her heel and headed toward Athena's dwelling while calling over her shoulder ::

              "Trauma team, level 5 experience, head immediately to Athena's quarters. No bacta.. I repeat.. do not bring any bacta."

              :: Her voice trailed off as she headed down the hallways to Athena's location. As the Sith Master came upon the door, she saw the bloodied trail signifying a strong and accomplished warrior of the Dark Side, her blood sister and apprentice Athena. Looking inside the open doorway, Dara nodded to Phantom and then saw Athena laying motionless on her bed in her quarters with a smile on her face. Athena raised an arm slowly and Dara hurriedly rushed to her side ::

              "Hey there. Now don't move. A medical team is on the way. And don't worry, I remember about the effects of bacta on you. You'll be just fine and out splitting jedi heads in no time."

              :: Dara smiled at Athena and then the knight passed out ::


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                The only motion that the Sith lord made was the rising and falling of his chest at erratic intervals. His breathing was very uneven, though remained stable on the whole. As Dara rushed in and out of the medbay, preluded by the entrance of Lana, Vega's mind felt their Force presences very vaguely, inspiring a twitch in his right hand.

                Still though, no real movement or progression. The med team were constantly working on lulling him back into consiousness, but so far there had been no ground made.


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                  Athena had a smile on her face mostly because she was not on that damn cold floor. Some how Phantom had found her and moved her to her bed. She was sorta looking around as she noticed her Master's arrival. Athena started to get up, by moving her arm to grip the side of the bed. Her Master hurried over to Athena's bed side. The voice of her Master rang in her ears.

                  "Hey there. Now don't move. A medical team is on the way. And don't worry, I remember about the effects of bacta on you. You'll be just fine and out splitting jedi heads in no time.

                  The last thing Athena saw was her blood sisters smile. Then a wave of black covered her she once more slipped into the land of unconsiousness.


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                    The corner of her eye caught the twitch in Vega's hand and she immediately grasped onto it. Lightly, of course. She couldn't bare to cause him anymore pain than he already endured...
                    "Vega.... There's hope yet. He's going to awaken in time."
                    Her conscience reassured her that Vega was, in fact, well and getting better as the time slowly crept by.
                    His hands were so warm.... The feeling chilled her, but Lana continued to hold on. He was going to be okay.


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                      No, I got it

                      :: The Sith Lord says as he turns to Tempest. As Dara enters he nods his head, but she can't help but notice the tears in his eyes ::

                      Who did this?

                      :: He said with a sinister tone. His eyes began to burn with fury ::


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                        Arriving in the medbay the Sith Master clad in dark robes and cloak had been receiving updates on the injuries both Vega and Athena had sustained in their battle. These two were skilled and had faced battles but they most definitely had came out on the wrong side of the battle they were involved in.

                        Leaving Razielle a message in their quarters he was sure she would want to see how her "sister" Athena and comrade Vega were doing after such a titanic struggle. Walking to a computer terminal he brought up a scan of both Sith as he studied the fractures and devastation that been wrecked upon both of their bodies.

                        A Med Droid rolled up to him than as he typed in a command code. Regarding the droid ever so slightly he typed in a second string of commands. "Use the nanobot medical program V.4.3" Beeping in affirmation the Droid rolled off to begin the medical infusion of nano technology that would begin healing the damage inside the Sith bodies to speed up the recovery process.


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                          After the Sith Master programed the med droids with the medical program V.4.3, one of the smaller driods rolled down the hall and into her room. The small driod did another scan of Athena. Then hooking her up to a medical I.V. To start the next step in getting both her and Vega back to normal.

                          The Sith Knight started to fade in and out. She looked at the driod and the I.V that had been placed into her. Her eyes shot open. She attempted to rip the I.V out of her arm but she couldn't reach the tube in her arm. she knew her jaw was broken so she screamed in the force.

                          ~Get it out, what is that? ~

                          She then noticed a lack of pain from her internal damage and her broken bones. Her heart stopped raceing, and her eyes looked around her room.

                          She saw Temp, Phantom, and Dara.


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                            Vega's condition was unwavering. He was not in danger, yet he was no closer to becoming consious. It was highly evident that whatever Anbira had hit him with was of great power, and something not to be underestimated. Seeing this stalemate, the medics hooked Vega up to another machine - stripping away some of his clothing to attach small pressure pads to his skin.

                            ffzzzzzzzzz OOMF!

                            His body jolted upwards as the medteam sent a shock through his system. Each of the tiny circular pads that were on his body sent a stimulating pulse through his muscles. In that instant of the surge, Vega's eyes flickered open. His body arched a bit off of the table, and mouth gaped as he grimaced silently from the aching.

                            Memories of the battle washed into his mind as the floodgate opened, filling his consious once more. With some sense of stability regained, he could now feel the full affect of the slowly depleting pain.

                            A thought came to him then. He could see, from the bed, only the med team, and Lana who stood a few foot away. A gut feeling of fear hit him.

                            "Where... where is Athena?"

                            His voice was very dry and hoarse, weak even, yet it still held a commanding tone. There was no immeadiate answer from the medics, who were still busying themselves with trying to help Vega's body bring itself back into its proper condition.

                            " Where is she?!"

                            A meager force push knocked the men backwards away from Vega, one of the stumbling back into Lana.


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                              Athena was finally sitting up, she was propped up on a pillow and watched the other little driods roll around her room.
                              Phantom was still at the side of her bed. And Sith Master Dara was on her way to check on Vega.

                              Memories of the fight flooded back into her mind. The last thing she saw was the plasma attack from Anibra. It hit Vega direct in the chest and sent him flying. She remembered him hitting the wall with a sick thud, and this his body slumped forward.

                              The Jedi had turned to attack Athena but didn't have the power left. After being thrown into another wall she Managed to get up and over to Vega. She drug his body from the fallen spaceport and into their shuttle.

                              Since their return she didn't know if the Sith Lord had lived or not.

                              Searching the HQ for any sign of Vega she yelled his name like she did so many times during the fight.