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  • Destination

    She had followed Rama to a room she didn't quite remember. Nuriko looked around, and then towards him and as he closed the door. "You first or me first...? ...because it seems you're dying to see if it is still controlling me..."

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    :: Rama looked around ::

    "I added this on after you left...."

    :: He opened a door that lead into their old bedroom. ::

    " Just has the room extended out, nothing was next least not since Bromine left."

    :: He turned back to look at her. She looked different. Hair was dyed, a little bit more a cold and stern look in her eyes.But there was that line about the pinball machine. ::

    "Is it Really you Nuri?"


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      She tried to keep a straight-face, unsure of how this would all turn out. "Yes... It's how I am now."

      Rama seemed somewhat confused about that reply.

      "Mast--, ...Rama... it was when I was pregnant with Kali that I went on a mission of self initiation for a group calling themselves Sith Amazons. It involved finding and taming a mythical beast, a dragon. I killed mine because Kali was almost hurt during the capturing, and in my want to keep the failure in memory-- I took one of it's teeth and created a dagger from it.

      I don't know how but the soul of that dragon slipped into the tooth I had taken. I don't know much about this soul. It's the dragon's but not the dragon's. It's been around for countless millenia now and I have no idea what to truly make of it.

      It knew that my early memories of life had been corrupted by the military of my planet of origin Solitaarus, the Transuniversal Dominion, through some kind of neural extraction device. I was the perfect target and in trying to bond into me, it and myself both panicked. That is what happened to the best of my assertation.

      WE are together now, though there truly is no WE anymore.

      The soul is powerful but nothing is flawless. The best word to describe my situation now is that it's basically a symbiote. Merged. It is now a part of me and me a part of it. Though it is strong, it needs my cooperation to survive and there are compromises made. My father was Aleman Hessen, a slave merchant. My mother was Minako. Other than those tiny things such as few names, I remember nothing of my past now. I don't even have images. The fragmented space that held those memories, is now the home to something new. But in turn, I have memories it must permit me to hold on to...

      It will be with me until the day I die... as I will be with it...

      ................. I had always wanted to be with you. There is no it and she or us inside of me. There is only me as I stand now. I came back for you... for our children. I love you. That, it could not take and that is how it will remain to be."


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        :: Someone should not "understand" things like this, but in a way he did. He had never told her everything about the events that had happened to him on Vjun or what had been happening since. He considered it his own personal battle. His attitude, his apperance, they had all changed since that day.....but his power, it has also grown. In a almost scary direction, he could do things he thought were not possible. And there things yet to be unlocked, he knew this. So in a way his wife.......his love's explaination did make since to him. He heard her words come to his ears ::

        "WE are together now, though there truly is no WE anymore."

        :: He let her finish, and there was a long pause. He whispers. almost silently and totally to himself. ::

        No....such things cannot be Forsaken, even if you wish it.

        :: He looked over at her and into her eyes for a breif moment. ::

        I Love you don't know how i ached when I thought you were gone forever.


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          It was the moment of acceptance she wished for. She stepped forward into his arms and wrapped herself tightly around him.


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            But what of this Soul? What has it done to you?


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              "It's become a part of me."


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                :: Wasn't exactly the answer he was looking for. He wanted to ask "What has changed, and what has stayed the same." but Tact kept him from it. ::

                " What happened to you after you left here? Where did you go? I looked for you, but I could not find you. "


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                  "I'm unsure. I ended up on some planet where I encountered Jeseth. Then I lost him and ended up half-dead in some burnt up village. I don't know where I was at. When I wanted to return, I hopped a few transports and but didn't see any familiar ground for quite a while. I wasn't sure if I'd ever find my way back...

         long have I been gone? It's only felt like a month or two...."


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                    Around 4 months.........

                    Wait....did you say Jeseth?


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                        :: A Sense of dread and ergency came over Rama, he quickly made his way to the closet and pulled out a medium sized Case and spoke one word to Nuriko. ::


                        :: He said it as if it was a if something great depended on it. But he was opening the case and takeing out it's contents before she could ask him why. ::


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                          <img src= ALT=":|"> "Rama? .....all right." She eased out of her jacket and slowly began to undress.


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                            Jeseth is more Clever then you think, I don't doubt that you lost him. But he would do whatever he could to track you.....cause you would lead him to me.

                            :: Rama set up a few pole lookind devices around her ::

                            These will break up the signel if he has put a bug on you.


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                              "Oh yes, it takes a real detective to place a bug on someone," she said somewhat sarcastically, but she understood his concern. She covered herself with her hands, not out of any sense of modesty... just that it had been awhile.

                              "He DID put a bug on me, but it was destroyed along with my old clothes. These are very new I assure you...." She walked close to him and grinned. "So, unless it went... somewhere else.... it's not on me." Nuriko grabbed one of his jackets and put it on.