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  • "How much is it?|"

    :: Rama Asked. He looked over the screen at a large house. It's desgin was very looked like a house, but it almost gave you a sick feeling stareing at it. The way the archs curves upward to make spikes, the way the Garagoyles hung on the four corners, the way the door looked almost like the entrance to some anicent guarded dark secert. ::

    "Sir.....There are many more houses out their suited to your needs. This one isn't the one for you. I mean look at it"

    :: Rama looked down at the Comm link from which the voice came, it was the voice of Lenny Nero. A Lawyer who Rama had hired to handle these very types of things. All Nero knew was that Rama was a Prince of Ord Mantell. He knew nothing of the Sith and this secert far away planet. ::

    "It's on the planet's a most unsettleing place. " He contiuned

    "I know.......I've been there. You said this House is directly postioned over one of the main entrances to the Catacombs correct?"

    " of the reason the price is so low. The Entrance is in the basement. All the past owners where caretakers of the Catacombs till the Museum had taken them over."

    :: Rama Had been there......durning his fight with Morgan. This place had captured his intrest, and he needed a new home away from home after he gave Trace back the Throne. He knew that Trace......well Rather Jeseth, wouldn't let him stay on Ord Mantell much longer. ::

    "That's why I want it Lenny. Use my Ord Mantell account......I want you to suck it dry before Trace put a freeze on it."

    " Puts a freeze on it sir? "

    "Long story......I'll tell you it someday. but right now I want you take everything out. Buy the house.....with whats left over go to the Muesum and try tp buy the Catacombs, money is no object. Pose as a Historical socitey if you have too. They are in trouble make the right offer they'll cave."

    "As you wish sir."

    "Good luck Lenny"

    "I have never needed Luck Sir"

    :: Rama laughed ::

    "Call me back when you closed the deal."

    "I will Sir"


    :: Rama closed the comm link, and unhooked the scrambler. He looked over at the pic on his viewscreen again. The house almost seemed to stare back at him threw it's red plated windows. ::


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    *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP*

    :: Rama turned on the comm, several hours had passed and since his last communication with Lenny. Hopefully this was good new. ::

    "We'll we got it......sold at 19,000. A little higher then I was expected for the house, but you said whatever it took."

    "Excellent........and the Catacombs?"

    "They will sell after we provide documentation of our Licences.........I didn't know what to tell them sir. We have no such Licences."

    "We will.....I'll have them sent to you Tomm, along with a list of Materials I want you to pick up. "

    "Yes Sir"

    :: Lenny had leanred not to ask questions when things just showed up. It was something he had gotten use to in his time of employment under Rama. ::

    "What about the other purchases I told you to look into?"

    "Well there is a Private landing pad not three miles from the estate. The local Senator had it for when he returned home from time to time, before the fall of the old repbulic. It's was used as an Imperial outpost for awhile then abadoned."

    "And can it be bought."

    "Yes.........for a price. But your funds for Ord Mantell are tapped out, the Catacombs deal has left us with almost nothing."

    "Sell my Personal Fleet."

    "Your Fleet sir?"

    "Yes.....I won't be needed it and I rarely use it. Keep some smaller shuttles and figthers, but sell all the bigger ships. That should provide more then enough funds. And Make sure to delete all hyperdrive records and cordinates from the main computer."

    "Of Course Sir......I should be able to find a buyer by this time tomm."

    "Excellent......After all this completed I'll want to meet you on Gothica to seal the deal. I'll send you a ticket. Finest shuttles as always."

    "I would expect no less from you sir. Thank you."

    "No thank you Lenny....You have adhearded to my wished must loyality no matter how crazy they were."

    "With all due respect the rich never make sense to the common man sir, I learned not to question it. "

    "True Enough Lenny. I'll be sending our stuff along quickly. Make sure to have those things for us once we arrive. Contact me again when the sales are never final. Oh and have three differnt names on these three deeds. I don't want people knowing Im there. "

    "Of Course......that can be arranged as always."

    "Goodbye Lenny"

    :: Rama cut the comm. And sat for a momment, then the red droid that served Rama for so long came in. ::

    "You wanted to see me Sir."

    "Yes TC.......Tell Alisa that I want to speak with her and tell her to bring Kali."

    "Oh Course Sir.......Right away."

    :: TC servos motors sweaked off as he left on his task. ::


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      ~Alisa and Kali were in her quarters getting ready to play a game. She had been looking after her niece ever since Rama told her he had to go on a trip. The two Sha's had been getting to know each other better in his absence, although Alisa knew Kali would truly be happy again once she saw her parents.

      The Princess had laid out a series of items in front of the little girl and along the wall at the back of the room was a long table was a series of matching items. Kali was seated on the couch with her back to the wall and curiously looked at the items on the bantha rug on the floor.

      Alisa smiled at little Kali and then concentrated on the darkness to lift the small purple gum drop on the far table up into the air. The sithling giggled and pointed to the purple gum drop which was directly in front of her and Alisa nodded back, which indicated to Kali that she could enjoy her little snack for being correct.

      Next, a small black string necklace with the tooth of a Rancor floated up into the air near the back wall and Kali's eyes grew wide as she chewed the last of her gum drop and pointed a tiny finger to the necklace to the left of her. Alisa lifted the necklace and then fastened it around Kali's neck with a smile.~

      "You're quite good at this! Are you sure you haven't played before?"

      ~The two suddenly heard a knock at the door and Alisa walked over and was met by Rama's personal droid who informed them that Rama was back and wanted to see them right away. Alisa didn't even have to look at the youngster as she felt the smile on Kali's face, and turned to see it just as Kali ran past Alisa and out the door trailing after the droid.~


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        Kali ran circles around TC and Alisa, and almost seemed to be bouncing from wall to wall. She jumped the droid and let it carry her the rest of the way...


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          ~Smiling at Kali, Alisa follows the droid with the bouncing sithling on its back and after a short time they reach her brother's quarters. The droid opens the door and Kali runs inside. Alisa steps in and looks around for Rama.~

          "Rama? We're here."


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            :: Rama rasies from his chair and goes out to meet them. As soon he meets Eyes with Kali she jumps into his arms. ::

            "You been a good girl of Aunt Alisa while I was gone?"


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              *nod* ^__^ Mmm-hmm!


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                Good.......Hey I brought you a playmate. BEEP!

                :: A Small Furry creature peaks around the corner. ::

                Come here Beep.....

                :: The Little Mouse looking creature comes over to the Mother and Daughter. ::

                Beep......this is Kali.

                "This is not what I had in mind when I agreed to your terms pale man."

                You be nice to her.....or I'll turn you back over to the blue shirts. And besides this child could more then likely kill you if she wanted. So I hope you do just be nice to her.

                :: The Little Mouse Creature got a sheepish grin on his face and then, looked up at the child. ::

                "Im BEEP!"

                :: Rama looked over at his daughter. :: "

                You like him?"


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                  OOC: You aren't my mommy! <img src= ALT=":b"> !! <img src= ALT=":lol">

                  IC: Kali squats down and pats the creature on the head, smiling. ^__^


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                    OOC: Your momy R-U-N-N-O-F-T <img src= ALT=""> <img src= ALT=":lol">


                    " go play I have to talk to your aunt about something."


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                      ~Alisa smiled as she watched Kali and Rama, and then looked back at Rama after Kali left the room.~

                      "It is good that you are back, Rama. She missed you very much while you were away. I hope you got whatever it was taken care of."


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                        :: Rama pointed motioned for Alisa to sit. There were two plush chairs with a small table between them Rama headed for the far one as Alisa headed for the other. ::

                        "Yes......I know, and im sorry I didn't come to you two as soon as I returned, but i have some news that I had to figure out how to tell."

                        :: Rama sat in the chair and watched Alisa do the same. ::

                        "I couldn't find Nuriko..........I thought I had a lead but it didn't pan out. I don't know if I will ever find her again. And I don't know how to tell Kali that her mother may never be coming back."


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                          ~Alisa took a seat across from Rama. She could tell this wasn't an easy thing to talk about and she certainly didn't know the circumstances regarding Nuri's disappearing. But one thing she did know about her brother.. and that was that he didn't open up like this often. Alisa looked at him with concern.~

                          "Well I guess I'm not sure I would tell Kali until it was a certainty though, no need to worry the youngster. Did Nuri just maybe need some time or space? I mean, I know I just kind of took off on my journey too, but there were things that I just had to attend to and being alone was the only way. I sure don't know the details and it's probably not any of my business, but is there any way that the same could be true for Nuri?"


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                            She wasn't herself when she left, and I don't think she ever will be again.

                            :: Rama did explain any further, in fact he didn't really understand it himself. ::

                            there is more.......I gave Trace back sole ownership of the Ord Mantell. He is now King of Ord Mantell, and i don't think it's safe for Kali...........or me there anymore. You might be, but not us So we must go else where.


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                              ~Alisa sat and listened to her brother and took in what he was saying.. and not saying.~

                              "I'm sorry to hear about Nuri. I hope that you find her someday. Although, I don't understand why it's not safe for us to return to Ord Mantell Rama. Are we in danger now?"

                              ~She started to realize she had missed out on alot while she was away.~