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    DarkStar walked slowly from Rama's, Zena next to him. He arrived at his quarters and bowed to her,

    "If you would be so kind as to wait here...I shall be but a moment,"

    Without waiting for her to respond he entered the pitch black room, returning moments later he stood for a moment attaching his armpiece. Finally he looked up at Zena and smiled,

    "You know this place better than I, where should we walk?"

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    Zena cocked her head towards him as she lofted a brow.

    "Now how would a Sith Apprentice be more acquainted with these facilities? Walk where you like. I could use a good conversation to alleviate the pressure on my mind."


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      DarkStar smiled at her,

      "You have been here longer than me I suspect and also spend more time here than I, come we will decide as we go,"

      DarkStar started to walk, a slow stroll, he was headed for the outside, but at that pace it could take a while to get there. As he walked he took a moment to study the woman walking next to him. Silently making notes he looked back in the direction of travel and smiled to himself before beginning to speak.

      "Tell me your thoughts on Death my dear, I am intrested to know how you view the universe before I try to argue phylosophy with you,"


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        Zena briefly glanced over to DarkStar as they walked together. His question was direct and to the point, making her pause in deep reflection before answering.

        "While I was with the Mercenaries, we thought of death in battle as the honorable way for a soldier to die. We believed one would be reborn, to claim his or her revenge against their enemy when of age to wield a weapon, as their past memories would be inplanted in another body."

        She sighed as she continued on with the discussion.

        "Still, one cannot replace a loved one struck down in war. The pain will always linger as a reminder of their life and a lost passion, forever stilled, never to be touched upon. As A Sith Apprentice, I view death the same way. If I fall prey to an enemy's blade, then I shall be reincarnated into another warrior's body, to reclaim my position in the Empire. As for the universe, it is vast and untamed. Being a Disciple, I shall eventually with hard work, rise in the ranks to serve the Sith Empire to the best of my abilities, assisting in the destruction of its enemies, and to control our stake in the galaxy, and perhaps in time, the ultimate universe."

        She smiled as they continued their trek.

        "What say you of death and the universe, DarkStar?"


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          DarkStar gave her a smile

          "I have walked Death's Halls. They are a baren dessert with an unforgiving sky and a darkness around everything,"

          He laughed

          "Not plesant I assure you. I do not however believe that is the end, I think that is just a passage to another place. I myself do not believe in reincarnation. It seems too...simple. I believe we go from this place to another. Perhaps paradise, perhaps a Hell to atone for our sins in life,"

          DarkStar shrugged.

          "One day we will find out, but I am in no great hurry,"

          He smiled at Zena,

          "Are you?"


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            Zena returned his smile, then frowned.

            "To die alone, never to have had someone to share life with, such as I, would be a wasted existence, but a soldier must make sacrafices."

            She walked on pondering on his reply.

            "I too believe in that paradise world and hell, but one must lead multiple lives, before retiring to these realms, whether it be as a punishment or a gift."


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              DarkStar concidered her reply for but a few seconds.

              "Perhaps you do have several incarnations before you reach your destination. I have lived many life times already and will live many more."

              He laughed

              "In theory I could live for ever. The question is, would I want to?"


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                "With a faithful companion by your side, why would you not?"

                Zena sighed as they ventured on.


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                  DarkStar chuckled

                  "Why indeed?"

                  He sighed

                  "I've lost my wife once before...if I were to loose her again...well, I would have no reason to go on and I would end my life, in one fashion or another,"


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                    Zena smiled at DarkStar.

                    "There is always another. Would be a waste to destroy yourself."


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                      DarkStar arched an eyebrow

                      "I spent five hundred years believing her dead yet I remained faithful, do you know why my dear?"

                      Zena shook her head

                      "Becuase no one could ever replace her, not anywhere in the universe,"

                      He smiled back at Zena, it was a kindly smile, the sort you would expect from a grand parent.

                      "But do not worry, when I go, I plan to take at least one Jedi screaming into the beyond with me,"


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                        "But she wasn't my 'mother' was she, 'father'"

                        The voice behind them was bitter and full of hatred. Zena turned to look at the new arrival, DarkStar didn't need to.

                        The first thing Zena noticed was the warrior's face, it bore a resemblance to DarkStar's though younger and less wise, the eyes, lacked the timeless wisdom that DarkStar held. The face was contorted with rage, not calm like that of the Sith Lords. He was slightly taller than DarkStar, but lacked the older mans powerful build and imposing pressence, not that he looked weak by any means, he was afterall a Sith Warrior.


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                          Zena nodded to DarkStar after noting the conformity to Lord Sabre, as she spoke to him.

                          "So you are complete. Not only have you found your wife, you have a son as well."

                          She glanced briefly to the robust Sith warrior, offering him a smile.

                          "I am Zena."


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                            DarkStar's expression finally changed as he rounded on Sabre. There was a rumble of silent thunder and the warrior was thrown across the corridor and smashed into the wall.

                            "I made you Sabre, I am not your father, do not make that mistake. I bare you none of the love I would bare a son."

                            There was hate in the eyes of the Sith Lord, a cold green fire that burnt brightly in them.

                            "You have all my power, all my knowledge and yet you do nothing, you are as bad as Chryn, and beneath my contempt,"


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                              "DarkStar, you dont seem to enjoy the company of your son."

                              She wondered how Lord Sabre would respond to his father's attack.