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Perfect: Reflections of the damned

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  • Perfect: Reflections of the damned

    <font color=lightblue size=1 face=arial>[c]Der Mutter die mich nie geboren[/c][c]hab ich heute Nacht geschworen[/c][c]ich werd ihr eine Krankheit schenken[/c][c]und sie danach im Fluss versenken[/c][c](Of the mother who never gave birth to me[/c][c]I have sworn tonight [/c][c]I will send her a sickness[/c][c]and afterwards make her sink in the river)[/c]</font>

    *'Perfect.' Those had been her last word. Words that were now burned into his mind and would never leave him again.
    What was she thinking? ...Perfect. She did not even know who he was at first. It took the showing of the mark on his shoulder to prove it to her.
    The Sith Lord smirked. The look that had appeared on her face was priceless; he would treasure it.
    But the deed was done now. Many questions were answered and dearest 'mother' was now simply rotting masses of flesh in the basement of a half-destroyed building on Iridonia.
    The room smelled of her blood. It was on his clothing, in his hair, on his skin.
    Raine frowned. He was not sure what had come over him. The actual killing was easy enough. A lightsabre through the chest. But he had not been satisfied. He wanted to get back at her for everything. The dagger that Ame had given him before she was killed finally served a sickening purpose.
    The Sith lord sat up and looked down at himself. He had changed again. Not dramatically; unlike before. Just enough to irritate him. It was painfully obvious that he had lost more than just a 'little weight'.
    A strange laugh passed from his lips as he ran a hand through his hair and let himself fall back on his bed.
    He was home now. The only family he had came from his blood brother. How ironic.
    Perfect. Perhaps she was right. After all, he had outlived the other clones of the project and he had somewhat 'evolved' into something completely different than what the creator had expected.
    No one had seen his return, but he was certain a select few had sensed it.
    He would face the council in a few hours to notify them of his return, nothing more. The secrets he found were his to keep and no one would ever need to know them. They all knew enough as it was.

    He sighed and spun the guilty dagger in his hand while staring at the ceiling. Without a word he rolled up the sleeve of his shirt and began to cut away the flesh of his arm that had been branded with the number 13.*

    <font color=lightblue size=1 face=arial>[c]...auf meiner Stirn ein Muttermal[/c][c]entferne es mit Messers Kuss[/c][c]auch wenn ich verbluten muss[/c][c](...on my forehead, a birthmark[/c][c]remove it with the kiss of a knife[/c][c]even if it causes me to bleed to death.)[/c]</font>
    [c]<font size=1>Lyrics from Rammstein's Mutter[/c]</font>

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    Aftering letting his wife know he'd be gone for a bit and tucking his children into bed, Varlon left his small home within the Empire and started to make his way toward Raine's. Walking along the dimly lighted halls, his braid swung back and forth like a pendulum on a grandfather clock with each step. So Raine's back, eh? Makes me wonder how his little escapade went, considering he told me almost nothing when he actually did show up here at the Empire. The Lord thought to himself as he walked, maneouvring throughout the halls of the living area. Also makes me wonder how much different he is from his last visit…


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      *He took the dagger away from his arm, his hand shaking slightly as the severe pain from the task washed over him. He let the dagger drop and laid back down. It was enough for now, he would let the wound heal and see what became of it. Besides, someone was fast approaching. He did not want to be told to go the med-bay again.*


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        Fixing his black cloak slightly, Var took a deep breath before knocking lightly on Raine's door and quickly, but silently entering into the room. Waiting a moment for his eyes to adjust to the constantly abnormally dark room, Varlon spoke. "Raine? Brother? Are you truely back?"


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          *The Sith Lord appeared as nothing more than a slight movement in the shadows. He waved a hand and a candle near Varlon flared up in an ice blue flame.*

          "Do your eyes deceive you?"


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            The fellow Sith Lord couldn't help but wince slightly. "That they do not, especially when bearing witness to what your travels have done to you," He spoke softly. "I would suggest preparing for a long night, as I'm willing to gamble my daughter will be here shortly. She always seems to sneak out of the house unnoticed, even if I'm expecting her to do it."


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              *Raine looked upon his brother curiously.*

              "Your...daughter? Hmm, I sensed there was a change in you. You seem far more drained than usual. However, I was not expecting that."


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                "You were going to be the Godparent until you pulled that crazy trip of yours," Varlon glared slightly at Raine before softning again as he notices a small girl standing in the hallway. Smiling, he waves her over. "Hello there, Takai. Followed Papa here?"


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                  <img src= ALT=":|">

                  *Emotionless, she stands there...staring at her father. And at the funny looking man next to him. She ran to her father and then darted behind one of his legs and peeked out and up at the weird man from her new hiding place.*


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                    Var smiled at his young daughter and softly patted her. "Takai, this is uncle Raine. He just got back today from a long trip of his," He spoke softly to her. "Say hello to Uncle Raine?"


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                      **A soft voice...barely heard was spoken**



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                        *He raised an eyebrow and looked at Varlon and shook his head slightly, his normally hostile frown turning into a slight smirk as he looked back down to the young child.*



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                          Var blinked at Raine in disbelief. "Raine, you're smiling…" He said quite blankly. "You normally don't smile unless something's about to die…"


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                            "You consider this a smile?"

                            *He smirked again*



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                              *She giggled softly at her uncle's comment...finding even more delight in how her laughter sent a shudder down her father's spiine.*