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    Jodah sat at a small rectangular table in his room. The table was littered with old tools and metal scraps, along with half-pieced together inventions of sorts. Right now he was playing with a strange device. It was uncoated as of yet, and was basically two 1-foot diameter discs with a long pole in between them. The pole had a joint at the center, and the discs could both slide in and out on it before they were locked into place. The contraption was closed. Jodah pressed a large button on the bottom of the upper disc. The two discs sprung apart, the central joint locking straight, and making a shape similar to a double-sided lollipop. He grinned widely and began attatching the armor shell around the discs, melting the seperate parts together around the object's mechanics.

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    Jared strolled through the halls of the 'Dormatorys'. He planned on introducing a protype power supply to one of Master Snack's apprentices, Jodah Starlen. Previously Jodah had installed a newer Kian Tri-Sabre into Jared's right hand, for a price. Coming up to the door of Jodah's Room, Jared studied the door before rapping two swift knocks.


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      Jodah jumped slightly at the knocks. He set the machine down. It was now fully covered, and he only needed to add two dials to it for it to be complete. He went over and answered the door. Seeing it was his old friend Jared, he smiled. "Jared! Good to see ya, just the man I was looking for. Come in!" Jodah walked over to an old repulsorlift chair he had and sat in it, automatically activating the lift so that it lifted him up a bit. "So, what's been goin' on?"


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        "Nothin' much, same old same old." Jared replied with a lopsided grin and entered the room and sat in the spair chair. "Recently returned from a battle with the Jedi Aura Allei. Other than that, nothing much has happend." Jared scanned the room breifly, "Nice place. So, Whats been up with you Sir Jodah?"


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          Jodah shrugged casually."Same as usual here too. Been working on somethin though, wanted to show ya..." He hopped down from the chair and walked over to the table. The device was in its compact form now. He unlocked it, spreadign the two discs away from each other, and then tunred another dial and tossed the board to ground. It hovered, gently swaying on invisible currents. Jodah stepped up onto it and tapped another dial with his foot. The hoverboard went forward. He swung his foot around and tilted it, causing him to do a banked turn. Each dic had a foot starp on it, so he stayed on. He then hopped off, deactivating the 'lifts beneath it. "Hoverboard, man. Here, try it out." Jodah picked up the board and tossed it to Jared.


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            Jared watched with newfound interest as Jodah flew around on the two disks. Standing up, Jared caught the device as Jodah tossed it at him. Inspecting it before placing it down to hover Jared stepped onto the back disk then onto the forward one. It swayed a bit as Jared stepped up but evened out quickly.

            "You sure this is safe?" Jared asked, then tapped the same dail Jodah had done before and jolted forward. Seconds before being smashed into the farthest wall, Jared stopped.
            "God, Need to keep steady to fly one of these things. What's the spec's?" Jared suddenly remembered the protype he had come to show Jodah and removed it from his jacket and stepped off the Hover board at the same time. "Ah, Check this as I checked your new toy." Jared tossed the power core to Jodah and returned to inspecting the hoverboard curiously.


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              Jodah grinned at Jared's attempt. "Not much, really. 30 miles per hour tops." He then reached out and caught the core. He examined the small device curious, Force-lifting it a couple times and rotating it to get a better look at it. "What's this?"


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                "A really nifty prototype power core. I wanted to see if you could use it for anything, since my 'Mechs' have become covered in dust for quite some time." Jared poked the board again, turning another dial which made the board rise up into the air another foot.


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                  Jodah laughed again as Jared jumpe up into the air. "Hmm, interesting. Why's it a prototype? Necer really got it workin or something?"


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                    "Naw, It works great I should say, but it overheats the mechanics too fast, really fast." Jared twisted the dial in the other direction and stepped off the hoverboard, examining it as it floated unhendered.


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                      Jodah began to examine the device again. "Well, you could apply a couple more heat sinks, and then run an encased coolant system on it. In fact..." Jodah paused and looked it over closely. "If you added a couple little items to this, converters and outer wires, you could probably decrease heat output and make thie little sucker the entire engine. Save the inner compression from heating up as much. If it heats that quickly, you could modify it and compress it and probably create a good weapon too. Jus depends on how you'd wanna run it..." Jodah glanced towardsh is work table for am oment, and then back to Jared. "Hey, you take that hoverboard dude. Play with it. I'm makin a custom one anyway, thas just a base model. I can soup it up if ya'd like. I just need someone to really get it out there and test it out good." Jodah walked to his workbench and picked up a long leather strap with two clips, one on each end. He tossed it to Jared. "Here, as close to a carrying case as I coudl come. snap it on and it'll go around your back. At least it'll help you get it around."


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                        Jared nodded as Jodah rolled off what could be done to the protoype, Catching the leather strap with one hand as it was thrown to him.

                        "You sure? Mm If you say so. I think I should wait until I get use to using it before you soope it up any. I'll test it out around where my ship is parked in the Training Ground's forest, stop by after a few hours." Jared shrugged. "How long do ya think it would take to modify that proto to the specifications if I were to use it as a engine?"


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                          Jodah bit his upper lip, considering Jared's question. "Well, for a pretty heavy-duty engine, about a week. If you've got some good tools that is. Running with a basic toolset, 3 or 4 weeks tops. It'd be pretty delicate work though. Something like that can't be the most stable energy source in the worlds."


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                            "Tools wont be a problem." Jared noted quite loudly to himself, he had almost half the cargo bay of the Ragnarok filled with tools he used to work on the mech's. Turning his head Jared saw that Jodah was staring a bit.
                            "Er.. Tools are not a problem, Ragnarok has a cargo bay full of em. Planned to get rid of the stuff once I disassembled the mechs."


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                              Jodah nodded. 'Didn't think about that. Well, looks good man. What'd ya want outta me?"