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Meeting with his brother

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  • Meeting with his brother


    The universe seemed to be full of them and their numbers seemed to be increasing with each passing day. Many times in the past, Daegal had sat and pondered about coincidences of all types, but today he was pondering on only one. Of all the people in his galaxy, the odds were not good that Daegal and his half brother, Xaiver, would meet up at the same place, let alone a place like this.

    While the subject of Xavier came to his mind, Daegal decided that it had been too long since he had went and talked with his brother. Standing, the Sith Warrior popped his neck loudly as he made his way to the door. As he neared, it opened with a "swoosh" and Daegal stepped into the hallway. Walking quickly, his footfalls echoed on the marble floors of the luxurious acomidations that the Empire provided for its members. Arriving at the door of Xavier's room, Daegal pushed a button on the wall, signaling his desire for entry.

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    Xavier looks up quickly from his seat on the couch in his room, his right foot resting upon the couch with his right arm resting upon his knee. He looks to the door and wets his lips.

    "Come in.."


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      As the door opened upon its occupant's command, Daegal walked slowly into the room. Turning to see his brother on the couch, he nodded.

      "Always one for relaxation, eh bro?"

      Daegal grinned at the joke, hoping Xavier wouldn't take it the wrong way.


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        Xavier shrugs slightly and leans back against the back of the couch slowly.

        "Just thinking on some things.."

        He smiles a little to Daegal.


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          "Thinking about that young woman...what's her name?"

          Daegal thought for a moment before remembering the young Sha's name.

          "Alisa, is it?"


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            Xavier slides his hands back throug his hair slowly.

            "Aye, that's her name. But that's only one of the things I've been thinking on.."


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              "Oh? And what are the other things, brother?", Daegal said as he moved towards the couch and sat down opposite Xavier.


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                Xavier smirks slightly and sets both feet flat on the ground, arching his back and extending his arms out to the side, his back cracking loudly.

                "Nothing important."