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  • New Time,Old Quarters

    Ket sighed as he made his way from Rama's into the member's quarters. He walked down the hallways,made two rights and a left. And there was his door. Old,rusted,in a section not used by many if at all. He typed in the long term encryption codes and the door opened with a squeak. He chuckled lightly. He made his way in,taking his robes off and hanging them onto the peg on the wall next to the door. My,the dust had settled quite a bit here. He made his way over to a few shelves on the far wall. He dusted off his myriad trophys and awards,placing a few new ones next to them. He dusted off the pictures and sabers he had,reminicing. Pictures of him and Ogre,Dale,Hera,Vega and Dara amoung others. And the sabers...Stone's,one of Anbira's,Satine's,Leia's,Liam's,and of course,the stand where he kept "Limelight". He tossed his bag onto the bed,and started punching the heavybag in the middle of the room. After a while,he sat down on the bed,and closed his eyes,thinking of times passed.

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    Thump, Thump

    :: Rang through the corridors, as the Sith Lord pounded on Kets door ::


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      The Sith knight came up towards Ket's room, wanting to see him after knowing her was back. He spotted Phantom and walked up to him.

      "Hello Lord Phantom."


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        Ah, Hey Dyne. Whats up?


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          The door to Ket's quarters opened with a light squeak. Ket's voiced called out from the room

          "Phantom,Dyne,come in,good to see you both."


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            "Nothing much friend."

            -He turned to face Ket and nodded to him.-

            "Hello Ket, it has been awhile."


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              "Yeah,that it has,old friend."

              Ket smiled a bit as he unpacked some things from his duffle.

              "So tell me,how have things been?"


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                Indeed, it was been to long. Why is it you left?

                ooc: Ket, check your E-mail.