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    {She sat at a console in her quarters. The ones she shared with her husband and children. Alexander, her son, lay asleep in another room, stretched out on the sofa. She had no idea where her daughter was...probably off with her uncle or wandering around the H.Q. As for her husband...her master...she hadn't seen that much of him lately. He had been in the deserts again, training no doubt.
    She looked through all the information she had gained...but still didn't appear close to finding what she wanted. She had been searching for information on her race and home planet. The only problem was she had no clue where to begin and space was a vast place.
    She was just about to give up for the night when she seemed to stumble upon something. A small moon near a planet with a blue sun on the outter rim caught her attention. "Garin".
    The name struck a nerve and she couldn't help but see if her feelings were deceiving her again. If she was finally done with this search...or if her want to be finished was making her guess too much.}

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    Returning home from one of his now nearly week-long visits to the deserts, Varlon quietly shut the door to his and Oni's home behind himself before shaking off several layers of sand that had built up in his hair. Stepping into his and his wife's room, he softly hugged her from behind.

    "How's the search going, dear?"


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      {She smiled and closed her eyes for a moment before answering him}

      ~"I think I've actually found something...I'm not sure though. Haven't really checked to see if the place is inhabitited by anything yet.."~


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        "A possible lead is more than you've had for months, dear.. remember that." He spoke softly before kissing her neck.


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          {She paused and winced suddenly before coughing slightly into her hand. She ignored it. She had reasons to.
          She then continued her research of the moon...finding that it indeed had a population...a rather large one of a human like race who all had unusually pale skin caused by the fact that most of the time the planet the moon orbited blocked out the sun..causing an almost eternal eclipse....she read on.
          She suddenly stopped breathing for a moment and brought a hand up to her mouth..covering a large smile.}

          ~"I think I've...found it."~


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            Hugging her softly, Var attempted to peek over her shoulders to take a look at her finds. "You have, dear?" He said in a slightly more excited tone. "Perhaps then I can learn more about your own culture with you..."


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              {She smirked slightly and moved her chair over slightly}

              ~"You are such a child..."~

              {She started to came with no sound....but it soon changed to coughing again. She cringed.}


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                Var's attention on her discovery quickly faded as he took more notice on her health. "Oni… you okay?"


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                  ~"I...I'll be fine."~

                  {She wiped the deep blue fluid on her hand onto her pants...}

                  ~"I'm just getting a little sick...not a big deal. And the headache is probably just from staring at this screen all day long."~


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                    He sighed softly, knowing that his wife would yet again win another argument if he attempted to fight her. "Oni, at least go lie down…?"


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                      {She shook her head slightly.}

                      ~"Var..I'll be fine. And besides...I'm not tired."~


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                        "Oni… you aren't well. Go lie down at least," He growled slightly at her stubbornness. "You don't need to come down with a pneumonia.."


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                          {She ignored the wave of nausea that passed over her.}

                          ~"Var...I'm totally...fine."~

                          {She rubbed her temples slightly. So it was getting worse. The medic said it probably would...she'd have to go to him again after Varlon fell asleep.}


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                            "Oni… you are not fine!" He growls again, now more aggrivated than before. "I love you dearly, and you know that. Please, Oni… quit faking being okay."


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                              ~"What do you mean, faking? I'm not..."~

                              {Her cheeks flushed and she suddenly found it hard to breath...the sickness had spread through her body too fast within the past months after the birth of her children. It had been there since she had come to this place. She had managed to keep it under control..But it had attacked her immune system severely as of late.
                              She coughed again into her hand...the deep indigo blood staining her fingers.}