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A slight Knocking..

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  • A slight Knocking..

    Athena walked down the hallway in the HQ towards Ket's room. She and he didn't have the best of evenings the last time she saw him. Finally she came upon his door and tapped on it softly. Not to hard so it didn't echo down the hallways.

    She stood there and waited then knocked again. She should have checked the Training grounds before she made her way over.

    ~ Come on Ket where are you? ~ She silently thought to herself.

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    The door to his quarters opened lightly,with a small squeak. The old HQ,back before the move,when quarters were but a single room and a bathroom. And he liked the spartan way of living. He was looking at some old pictures upon a shelf across from his door when it opened. and Ket spoke lightly.

    "Come in,Athena..."


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      :: Athena watched the door open and lead into a small room. Her quarters were located on the larger and newer section on the third floor. Her room was rather larger then this on. She walked in after hearing his voice. Then the door shut just after she stepped in. ::

      " Ket? "


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        Ket turned to look at her. His face was a picture of serenity,as if he were content.



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          " Who or what other then me are you looking at? "

          She pointed at the picture and turned her head to the side.

          " You left rather fast the other night. "


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            Ket sighed and took a seat near the wall shelves.

            "I was just looking at some old pictures from a time when i was new here...years ago..."

            Ket nodded lightly.

            "Sorry about leaving so fast,but I will be honest...I dont fare well in those situations. Love,even though it is a weak emotion,is still a part of life. You need it to blance the hate,or the hate will consume you and burn you out. Granted,that may sound rather jedi-like,but when you think about it,you need to have some love in your life so you dont let your hate go and make you do something stupid like getting yourself killed."

            Ket muttered something to himself,too low to hear...


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              " I know, but there is nothing one can do to stop it from happening. "

              She watched him take a seat.


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                Ket nodded quietly.

                "True. But one can prevent it for a time..."


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                  " I guess you are right Ket. Although Im sorry for cutting this visit short. I really need to be going. "

                  Athena turned and departed as fast as she had gotten there.