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At Deaths Door...

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  • At Deaths Door...

    After sometime had passed Athena finally figured she should go and see her beloved friend. She made hwe way down the long dark hallways towards Phantoms personal quarters.

    She new when she was getting close to his place. It was colder then anyone elses room. She liked that for personal reason. He never needed to run the A/C.

    Seeing how her last fight left her unable to fight anytime soon. Athena had retrived her old wardrobe and was wearing a silk dress. One she was given long ago. The light blue dress matched her soft skin. A perfect highlite.

    She hated to not be in her normal gear but she saw no reason for it now. She touched the outer comm unit and waited for a second.

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    :: A voice rings out from the comm unit as it sparks to life ::

    Athena, you know my doors is always open

    :: The door slowly opens inward, a rush of cold air fills the hallway as the door opens ::


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      She then and only then thought to bring her cloak. THe chill was enough to send shivers up a persons spine.

      " Yes but its nice to still ask Cale. "


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        I suppose, but then again I was never one to be nice.

        :: The cold air suddenly seizes and the Dark room explodes with light, the tourches through out the room ignite on command ::

        Enter my friend...


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          She stepped into the room, she looked about to see if she could see Cale. He always blended well in the shadows.

          " Well were are you? "


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            :: Phantom laughed and emerges from the Shadows on the far side of the room. He motioned to the door with his hand, the door slowly shuts behind Athena. He hovers closer ::

            How are you?

            :: He gives her a smile before moving to a mini bar off to the side ::

            Care for a drink?


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              :: She watched as the Lord of Darkness finally pulled himself from the shadows of his room. ::

              " Red Wine, you know that Cale."

              She watched him hover to the mini bar and get the drinks.

              " I have been better, then again I have been worse. Well maybe not. "

              She waited for him to return to where she was...

              " And yourself? "


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                Ah yes...

                :: Phantom pours her a glass of Red Wine, and himslef a glass of Corillian Whiskey, he walks over and hands her the glass. He takes a sip of his drink ::

                I'm doing well. So what brings you by?


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                  She took her glass of wine and looked at him.

                  " Your lack of speaking to me. I never see you, and its been sometime since we have talked. "


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                    :: Phantom took a deeo breath and let it out slowly ::

                    Yes, I suppose it has been awhile. I think it was about the same time Ket flipped out. Care to talk about that?


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                      " Of the recent news. I think Ket has lost it twice. Once in the hallway, and once in Rama's. I threw a drink at him in Rama's. "

                      She looked around for a seat. Her knee was hurting and she wanted to rest it.


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                        :: Feeling her pain he summoned a plush chair ::

                        Yes, well I suppose love will do that to you. I personally would not know.

                        :: Phantom's eyes grew cold as he continued ::

                        So tell me, do you feel the same for him?


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                          Athean took the seat as the chair appeared. She was happy to get off her knee.

                          " I don't know Cale. I know at one time you even loved me, Ket might, but I also know Lord Vega does as well. Then to have an old love stop by then depart as fast. Its tough on a Lady. "


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                            Well arin't you the popular one.

                            :: Phantom's face went lifeless and with out emotion ::

                            Yes, at one time I did love you. I guess love is just not in me.

                            :: Phantom set his glass of whiskey down with a bang ::


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                              :: She looked at his face. The truth did hurt him but there was nothing she could do. ::

                              " Popular, the joy. No I don't think I shall take any. Sith do not love. "