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  • innocence denied

    *Walking down the hallways of TSE's HQ was a girl...a young girl. Not a typical site. She had managed to sneak out of her parent's quarters...again. They had stopped trying to keep her in after she had proved it was useless. It was better she was meeting people than trying to kill her twin brother, anyway.
    Born nearly 2 months ago, the young girl appeared to be already of the age of 5 or 6...her mother said it was normal...her father was simply confused.
    Then...she stopped. Looking up at the name-plate of the door to her side she saw something scribbled in a blood red...she couldn't read it from where she stood. Shrugging slightly she knocked on the door anyway.*

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    From behind the door there was a flutter of what sounded like wings followed by a squawk then a loud thud as the person behind the door heard the knock. Inside, Salem glared up at the door and stuffed what he had been 'playing with' into a black bag, tossing it into the hovel in the corner of his room. Skulking across to the door, he grasped the handle tightly for a moment before yanking the door open, staring out accusingly into the space infront of him.

    No one was there.

    He grumbled and was about to go back inside when he caught sight of something down below. He squinted and slowly looked down at the little child there, his pure black eyes narrowing to slits.



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      <img src= ALT=":|"> *She stared up at him and blinked, her deep violet eyes looking from him to the blackened room behind him. The young girl blinked a few times and then looked back up at the strange looking man who had answered the door...he looked weirder than her uncle.*



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        The muscle in Salem's right temple twitched ever so slightly then spasmed violently so that his eye closed tightly shut for a moment. He looked back into the room, with his one unblinking eye, and seethed within.

        She had seen inside. He detested people seeing inside.

        What was she doing here? Who was she? Why were all these people suddenly paying interest in him, hmm? They wanted what he had, that was it. They wanted the chicken all for themselves.

        Physically, he had to bite down on his lip not to yell at the child.



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          *She glared slightly at him. Her uncle had taught her how to feel other's emotions and hear some of their thoughts.*

          "I do not want your chicken! I have my own toys."

          *She took off a small black backpack she had and opened it, holding up a small dead's neck broken so the head lay at an unusual angle*



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            Salem lowered himself down somewhat so that his eyes were lined with the girls. He did not bend his knees, instead just doubled his body over. On doing this, the large bulge on his back became visible.


            Again, the eye grimaced.

            "No fun."

            Sharply, he stood up and refixed his stare on her.

            "You want sssomething?"


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              "not really."

              *She hissed as a small snake slithered out of her backpack. In a second she had pounced it, cupping the creature in her hand and shoved it back into the little black backpack. She looked to the man again and tilted her head slightly and pointed at his back*

              "...what is that?"


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                As if a gun had been pointed at him, he shrunk away; his right hand creeping over his left shoulder to grip at his back. Beneath his jacket, something moved.

                "My hand."

                He watched the snake inquistively, curious as to what else the little child had in her back, yet still defensive as to why she was interogating him like this.


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                  *She glared at him slightly. Her brother may have been fooled by that one, but she was smarter than that.*

                  "That is not your hand. Unless you have a third one."

                  *She paused and looked into her pack.*

                  "I will give you something if you tell me."


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                    His hand slithered away back down to his side and once more the thing on his back twitched on edge. He shook his head sharply, cursing over and over to try and stop the involuntary reaction of the wings. As he spoke, he stammered more than usual.

                    "Sssomething. I want sssss-omething. What thing."


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                      "A big rat I found near the sewers. It foams near the mouth and twitches a lot and has big black eyes."

                      *She reached into her backpack and took out a box that had holes in the lid...horrible squeaking and scratching noises were coming from in it*

                      "It reminds me of you."


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                        Snatching up the box with one hand he took a step back into his room. His head poked out into the hallway and he looked back and forth to check if anyone was there.


                        He huddled the child into the room with one hand, crouching down as he walked in a hunched position. There was no light whatsoever in the room, so he struck up a match and handed it to the girl, obviously with no concern for safety.


                        Retreating out of view for a moment, some unnatural noises could be heard - scratching, squeaking and the occasional squelch.


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                          *She noticed how cold his hand was, it reminded her of her uncle...and her mother...she hated that woman.
                          Before her thoughts wandered she stopped them, checking mentally the barriers that one her age shouldn't even have. A match was handed to her quickly. She hadn't even noticed how dark it was like her room...except for the single candle she always had lit because her mother insisted that she needed some sort of light source in the room.
                          The strange noises coming from the corner didn't disturb her, she simply stood and watched, waiting to be shown what was promised with the strange man taking the rat from her. The flame on the match in her hand should have burned out with the time it was taking...but instead it was as if it had just been lit, the flame wasn't eating away at the match stick and was turning a light blue in color.*


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                            Silence. Then three clinks of metal as Salem strode back towards Takai. In the cyan candle light, his skin looked deathly pale and eyes dancing with an icy glow.


                            On closer inspection of his frame, one could see he no longer wore a shirt. He turned slowly and knelt downwards, letting the small wings at the top of his back unfold uneasily. The leather flaps were only about 3 foot wide each, and stemmed from the top of his spine.


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                              *She blinked and smirked*

                              "Neat. Definitely worth the rat. You aren't human...are you?"

                              *The question had an obvious answer, she knew what he was going to say...she wanted to see if he would get angry and have his eye twitch again.*