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    Eve popped out a tryptophan pill from the orange transparent bottle, and into her mouth. She swallowed it whole and closed her eyes, tilting her head back to swallow better. She then hit her chest lightly three times and sighed.

    "And to say I'm going to have to eat this thing until I die ..."

    She told herself as she wandered through the halls, to find her room.

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    ::Chaos was walking to his own room at this time. He just caught Eve taking the pill. He shivered at the sight. she took it without water or anything. He thanked Gaia he was Garou. He could not be poisoned, and not get sick barely. His inhanced healing system caused that. Chaos had been in a daze lately. The death of Athena hit him hard. She was the Sister of his Master and a good warrior. One the Empire needed. Chaos had not talked to Eve in a long time. Hadn't seen her to be honest.::

    "It can get nasty out here at night Eve. Plus, I am afriad of the Dark. Walk with me to make sure the boogie man doesn't get me?"

    ::Chaos smiled. He always tried to make Eve laugh or smile. Many times it had the reverse effect. One could not get blamed for trying though.::

    "How are things friend?"


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      <Syren was walking back to her own room, returning from the Recruitment Registration. Sorrow burdened her heart at the Sith Knight Athena's death .. But such is the life of the Sith. Grief was just another emotion used to fuel their blood fury with the Jedis, avenging a close one. So lost in her thoughts she nearly ran into two shadowed forms. Frowning slightly, she peered closer to see who they were. One she recognized as Eve, but the other was a stranger.

      Cautiously approaching the two, she stopped behind Eve then lightly tapped her shoulder.>

      "Greetings, friend."


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        Eve looked at Chaos and nodded to him, forcing a little smile on her lips to his joke, though the weight of sadness made it hard on her. You don't feel anything. No feelings, no burden. She repeated herself. Something tapped lightly on her shoulder, she turned around to discover it was Syren. Looking at her for a moment, through her dark sunglasses that she was wearing to cover up her red eyes, she pointed at Chaos.

        "Hey ... Syren, this is Chaos. He's scared of the boogey man, so want to come with me to take him back to his quarters ?"


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          ::Chaos smield at the other Sith.::

          "Yes, walk with me. The only thing better than walking with a pretty woman like Eve is walking with two pretty women."

          :: Chaos changed the color of his robotic eyes to bright gold with a single thought. All three of them were down, he could atleast try to take their mind off the sadness. Even if it was for a little while. A few jokes here and there may do it. Chaos doughted that though. They had nothing else to lose at laughing at one of his corny jokes. Why the frell not?::


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            <Syren didn't smile at the humor that was being exchanged. Not only was she grieving, she was confused ... angry. At Athena's death, one of the experiments DK performed on her started to affect her. She could feel the cells in her body begin to mutate - impossible, some might say - but it was true. And the mere thought frightened her.>

            "Hello, Chaos .."

            <She stole a quick look at Eve and sent her a Force message.>

            - Eve, at the tragedy of Athena's death ... something happened. Something that I think you would want to know about. -


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              Later, Syren ... I think it's best if we not speak about it, don't you think so ?

              Eve exchanged glances with Syren, as the corner of her lips lifted up, to reassure the Sith disciple. She looked back at Chaos and gave a gently punch at his metallic shoulder.

              "You haven't changed."


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                ::Chaos moved slightly and held his arm as if hurt. He smiled and looked around.::

                "I did for a while. Became depressed and mean. The girls found me even more unattrative than I already am. So I got happy again. How are things with you?"

                ::Chaos looked over at Syren. He sniffed the air. He could smell her body changeing. His Garou sences were stronge enough to see that. He could also smell the fear. Something was not right, but he would find out later if something happened. Maybe a DNA sample and send it through his lab.::


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                  <Syren sighed and looked away, her blue eyes seeming far and distant. She listened to Eve and Chaos's little conversation until there was a pause. Looking back up, she could see Chaos looking at her oddly, as if he were observing ... Did he know ? Could he know ? She stared back at Chaos, as if daring him to look away.>


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                      ::Chaos grinned at the younger Sith. His white teeth gleamed. Then his gold eyes turned red and all his teeth grew long and sharp. Unlike the Vampire where only the canine's grow, all of Chaos's grew. Like a wolf's in all ways. Syren blinked, and they were normal. The only change was Chaos's eyes were blue this time. He kept his vison locked not in a dare, only to show no fear becase he had an animal inside him as well.::


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                        <She could feel her eyes widen slightly. Didn't his teeth just grow as his eyes changed colors? She peered closer. His teeth seemed normal, but ... wait, his eyes. Instead of gold, they were now blue. There was a moment of silence that followed, then Syren cleared her throat, obviously uncomfortable. His penetrating gaze never wavered, leaving them in what could be called a "staring contest". Or was it? Could it be just an act on his part to show dominance?

                        Knowing that this could go on forever, she finally broke her gaze and lowered her eyes to the floor. Let him think that he had dominance, maybe in time he would find out otherwise ... Calm yourself, Syren. He's a Sith Knight. Wouldn't be very wise to go about thinking these thoughts ...

                        Biting her lower lip, she stared at the ground. Gritting her teeth together suddenly, she could feel her muscles clench together then spasm. Then, as soon as it had started, it ended. Taking in a deep breath rather shakily, she looked back up to see if Eve or Chaos noticed. Neither of them were looking at her, so she figured they didn't, Well, that's a relief ...


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                          Eve did feel a sudden change in Chaos' body, but she made it seem like nothing pretty much happened. It was Syren that she was worried about now. Soon arriving to Chaos' quarters, she pointed towards his door.

                          "Well, here we are, Sir Alexander. Boogey man won't come near you anymore ..."

                          She smiled faintly.

                          "And I'm not looking down under your bed."


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                            ::Chaos bowed slightly to the ladies. After blinking, he up and flashed his grey eyes.::

                            "Not even going to tuck me in? I understand. G'Night ladies and enjoy the rest of the night!"

                            ::Chaos entered the passcode to him room and entered. MAybe he would tell Syren later that his eyes were robotic as well. Also that he was Garou. For now he enjoyed the thrill of confusion that came from her. He sent a privite message to Eve when teh door has shut. He sent it with teh Force so that no one else could hear.::

                            Eve, if something is really wrong with Syren, you can bring her here. I am an expert in Bio-Engineering as well as Electronics. I may be able to help. Just a thought. I would glady do what ever I can for a friend of yours.