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Porcelain Colored Skin [Open]

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  • Porcelain Colored Skin [Open]

    Walking out of Salem's empty room of pure blackness, Eden's eyes squinted at the contact of the bright light. She closed her eyes tightly, rubbing her left one with her hand gently. Her breath still smelled like vodka, she frowned of disgust because of the taste still in the back of her mouth. She passed the tip of her tongue on dry lips as she closed the door silently, stepping outside. The heat was almost unbearable ...

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    As Eden began to walk down the corridor, eyes on the floor always because of the alcohol, she thudded into someone. The two stumbled backwards, and as her eyes rose to see who it was she saw the smirking face of Sith Lord Van-Derveld looking down at her.


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      "Oh, pardon me, My Lord ..."

      Eden mumbled as she lowered her gaze immediately. Her cheek still pink from all the vodka made it seem like she was blushing. She shook her hand and ran her hand through her hair, almost nervously.

      "I didn't see where I was going."


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        "Likewise. Sorry."

        He quirked an eyebrow slightly.

        "Disciple ... Sorne?"


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          "Exact, Lord Van Derveld."

          Somehow, showing that Eden knew the Lord's name was a sign of respect. She looked up at him again with her crimson eyes and nodded.


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            He smiled and nodded.

            "I don't believe we've met before," he lowered his head and bowed lightly.

            "A pleasure."


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              "Pleasure's all mine."

              Eden mumbled as she walked past the Sith Lord, without any disrecpect on purpose, continuing her walk, trying to remember where her room was. The vodka made everything worse, obviously.