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  • A rest........

    ::Yurza walked down the familiar halls of the Sith HQ. He saw familiar faces, but could place none of them. What was wrong with him? He walked towards his room and enetered. Before even closing the door he fell to his knees and face first. He then put his hands on the ground and pushed up. When he was finally standing, he turned and shut the door before stubling to his bed and falling n the mattress::

    "Maybe.....maybe...I'll just rest awhile."

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    ~Alisa walked down the hallway and noticed a man wavering a bit as if he wasn't feeling well. Although she had returned back to the Empire a while ago and didn't know every member, she hated to see someone who might need assistance in med bay walking about unattended to. Walking over to his quarters to introduce herself, she saw him enter his quarters and fall to his knees. As she arrived at the door, it slammed shut. The Sith Warrior knocked quietly three times to see if he was ok.~


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      ::Yurza lifted his head as he head the knocking at his door. He then got to his feet and stood straight so not to fall over again::

      "You may enter."