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  • Fools blood (BladeIce)

    The limp body of the Sith Warrior Blade Ice was tossed down onto one of the tables in the medbay. After a rather idiotic encounter with Dalethria, Sorsha and Ogre, the young Sith had been left in a pitiful state. The Sith Lord retreated to lean against the back wall of the room, closing his eyes as the med driods began their work on the fallen warrior.

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    (after the med droid had fixed up blades leg and various other cuts blade sat up and looked at his master.)

    I wasn't meaning to fight any of them I went to give a warning to a fellow sith and also........

    (blade stopped at that not saying anything else.)


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      "A warning and also? Also what? Tell me what drove you to do such an act."

      Vega spoke with stern authority, obviously not amused.


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        (blade spoke seriously)

        also to tell him something I should have told him when he was still a member here. Something I have been putting off its more personal to him it real wouldn't matter much to ether you or I what else I have to tell him.
        The cloak I wear was morino's father's master's and friend of mine it holds many secrets, theres only two defined powers I know of it vega but there are many more i don't know. the story behind it is long but I was suppose to tell morino of his father thats why it would not matter to you or I its just a personal message to him.
        I only know the my past 5 years of life nothing beyond that. this friend and master of Morino ryu's father was helping figure out what was blocking me from my past. on his death bed he told me of this cloak and of TSE a place he did not like but thought would be suitable for me. He said they would help me but before I went I was to find Shino Ryu morinos father and give him a message. I found out that shino was dead and that morino was his only living descendant.
        It goes into more detail then that but it would take most of your time master to here it. now if you are going to punish me then do so.

        (blade stared at vega with no real expression on his face.)


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          "Your manner of approaching the problem was most unthought out. You were lucky that the Mal Pannis' were not interested in rousing a fight with the Empire, else you would have been killed right there."


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            I didn't have much time to think. If I would have Morino and I both more then likely would be dead.


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              Vega glanced downwards and groaned a bit under his breath.

              "Ok ... next time you want to go off like that, tell me and I will come with you to make sure it is safe, alright?"


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                (blade hoped down from the med table.)

                what ever. I have some business to take care of I got a feeling morino will come to see me to get his message. Thats if a EXfriend of mine don't get to him first.

                (blade moved his knee as best he could but he had a limp with it and would for a while.)

                Is there anything else master?


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                  Vega's expression went blank and he shrugged lightly. No doubt if Blade did the wrong thing again, he'd learn his lesson the hard way.

                  "That's all."

                  Turning, he strode away, sighing under his breath.


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                    (blade laughed and put his cloak on and limped away to ramas.)