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  • Afterlife: Angelic Wanderer

    The Sith Knight, Eve Siren, paced around the hall of the HQ. Her gaze seemed rather empty, and her movements rather slow. She put her hands into the pockets of her black leather pants and exhaled, continuing to just work forward. She didn't know where, but somehow, she just felt like doing so.

    Her long brown hair was braided down her back, it flowed behind her as she walked a bit faster, her head hanging forward.

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    There was a cold feeling on the floor that rose and spun around Eve with a whirl of muffled screams. Something... someone was reaching out to her. She could feel a cold prickle run across the back of her neck. Or was it just her imagination?

    The feeling of death stalked the area. Although, to a Sith, death is a way of life... Slowly, a voice in the back of her mind grew louder.



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      Eve immediately turned around, on the spot. She was already in a defensive stance as she heard the voice calling her. Until she suddendly heard the last part. Sister.

      "Sister ...?" She muttered.

      A whirl of screams passed by, Eve's eyes widened at the sound as she looked around the place to see where they were coming from.

      "What ... Who .. Who's there ?!"


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        The voice was clearly coming from her mind. A dull, almost purring hiss seeping with each word.

        "Help... Gitane.."

        Slowly, the words became louder. More clear. More familiar.

        "Eve, help... It's Gitane.."


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          "Gitane ...?"

          A name Eve had not heard for such a long time. She put her hand up to her ears to better concentrate in her mind. She calmed herself down and closed her eyes.

          Gitane, where are you ...?


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            "In here, silly."

            A quiet giggle rang through Eve's mind. Her words came slowly, carefully, almost as if rehearsed...But with a undertone of seething anger.

            "I want life again. My old body. That woman... She's still alive. I need to find her. ...I need you to find her."


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              "Her ... Kerri." Eve mumbled, in reply, with a voice that seemed different than her usual.

              It was as almost as if Gitane's knowledge has taken over Eve's. The Sith closed her eyes and shook her head, She stood there for a minute, rubbing her forehead.

              "I'm probably going crazy." She told herself, back in her normal voice tone.


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                "Eve, no. There are plenty of lunatics out there, but you're not one of them."

                There was distress in the voice, a feeling of tears almost stinging Eve's eyes.

                "I need you to understand. I'm here.. And I need your help."


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                  Eve rubbed her eyes. It was like a sudden urge to cry. She shook her head once more, now realizing she wasn't imagining anything.

                  "Gitane ... How am I supposed to find her ?" She finally said.


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                    "I don't know.."

                    Her mind was suddenly racing with thoughts. Memories Gitane held.


                    A slight pain hit Eve's heart as she felt Gitane's longing to see her husband again, as well as the reluctancy.

                    "He.. he may know."


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                      The door of Vega's quarters was flung open just down the hallway from where Eve stood talking to herself. Out of the frame the Sith Lord stumbled, his face a whiter shade of pale as his eyes moved to look towards his sister. Immeadiately he whimpered, and wheezed out:

                      "Eve ... I,"

                      Before he could finish, his voice fell short and quiet; the Lupine Sith found himself unable to speak, so instead thudded to lean against the wall across the hallway, propping himself up whilst trying to slow his breathing.


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                        At the very sight of him, Gitane couldn't stop herself from taking over Eve's movements, at least slightly. She ran the short distance between the two and slipped her arms tight around him.



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                          Eve charged towards him and suddenly Vega found he was wrapped tightly inside her arms. He looked up at her with a pitiful expression.



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                            Eve found herself wrapping her arms tightly around Vega. She didn't quite understand what was going on but let herself go. Something familiar in her mind was controling her. It was familiar, but not bad. She closed her eyes, then re-opened them, her mouth spoke, but it wasn't her voice.

                            "Vega ..." She whispered softly.


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                              Eve could feel herself fighting back tears as she drew back. Gitane remembered that she wasn't herself...

                              Letting herself seep back into only a portion of Eve's mind, Gitane saw Vega through Eve's eyes. As a brother. She carefully thought to Eve.

                              "Find out what's wrong..."