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    Within the halls of TSE, there was a room, with a metal door, covered in etchings. Behind that door was the personal forge of the shapeshifting blacksmith to the empire. The room was adorned with many different things, one wall had a bed, with many weapons hanging above it. A large chunck of the remaining space was taken by the various tools and nessecary facilities to create the amazing weapons that had come from this place. Any space left over was taken up by a rack, with shelves and shelves of books and scrolls.

    Sitting on his bed, Tempist looked over his quaters, and thought for a long time. He needed somthing different in his life, he needed a change of some kind.... somthing didn't seem right... after a good long while, he looked up at his wall of weapons. He reached up, and grabed a broadsword from it. His father's broadsword, one of the finest ever crafted, far surpassing Tempist's own. He placed it next to him, and reached under the bed. He pulled out a black sheath, one that had straps for his back. He smiled, and sheathed the legendary (for him atleast) weapon, and stood up.

    Somthing else had to change... it was him. He closed his eyes, and his body melted down into a metallic puddle, with a slight blue tint to him. Slowly, the puddle began to take form, as stubs grew out from the goo, and took form into legs. It grew more still, and a torso began to take shape... but that was all. No tail. The form continued to increase in height, and a chest took form, human in appearance. Muscular arms grew out from this, as did a head, with medium lenth hair. He opened his slate colored eyes, and looked down at his new body.

    With a low smile, picked up the sword, and straped it onto his back. He also picked up his long saber, Infinity, and hooked it onto the side of his belt. He opened the door, and walked out into the halls, seeing if anyone would recodnize him.

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    Daegal walked slowly down the halls of the Empire's Headquarters. He had many things on his mind this day, and he felt that a nice walk would help him sort them out. So many things had changed recently for him. So many constants that he used to rely on were no longer there. He would now have to find new things to rely on, new constants on which to lean. He was now married, and a Sith Knight, too.

    Lost in his own thought, Daegal turned a corner and bumped into a man whom he had not seen before. Looking the man over, Daegal saw his blood brother, Tempist's, saber hanging at the man's side. The man also bore what seemed to be Tempist's force signature, but it looked nothing like Tempist. Daegal knew Tempist was a shape shifter but he had never seen him look like this.

    Without hesitation, or even so much as a word, Daegal grabbed the man's throat and pushed him into the wall. Lifting him several inches off of the ground, Daegal put his thumb on the man's trachea. Pressing firmly, Daegal looked into the man's eyes.

    "You have two seconds to explain how that saber came into your possession, or I will end your life without hesitation.


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      Tempist grinned, and replied, in one of the few things that he physicly kept the same; his deep voice.

      "Killed a few jedi scumbags a couple hundred years ago and modified it."

      Tempist's eyes flashed dark blue for a moment, a shade that few had seen, generly in battle, but those that had distinctly knew it was Tempist.


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        Daegal's face changed instantly from one of anger to a sly smile as he lowered the man to the ground and released his neck. Daegal stepped back and just looked at Tempist for a moment, adjusting to the new look.

        "So, this the new you?"


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          "For a while, yea. When the need to be like I was returns, then so will my old form. I never realized how much my tail ment to me," Tempist said with a slight laugh.


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            "Interesting", Daegal said, his face turning to a smile. "What brought about the change?"


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              "Boredom, and too great a sense of comfort. When you get too comfortable with somthing, you are unable to make the nessecary changes in your lifestyle when the time comes."


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                Daegal chuckled, nodding.

                "That is definetly true, brother. Definetly true."

                Almost as if the idea had sprung into his head out of the blue, Daegal asked Tempist a quesiton.

                "Oh, do you think I can ask a favor of you?"


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                  "Sure, what can I do for you?"


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                    "I will be leaving on a mission soon, to the planet Ossus. I am gathering some Adgean crystals for a unique saber I will be building soon. I was wondering if you could keep an emergency transmitter for me. If it goes off, alert Master Shadowtide for me. She will know what to do."


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                      "Gladly, when are you leaving?"


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                        "As soon as I stop by the Estate and inform and pick up Lana."

                        Daegal handed the communicator to his blood brother. He knew he was in capable hands with Tempist keeping track of the distress signal.

                        "Obviously, this is more for her welfare than mine.."

                        Daegal cracked a small smile.


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                          Tempist let out a small chuckle.

                          "Just make sure that you come back in as few peices as possible."


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                            Daegal chuckled.

                            "I'll try bro...I'll try."

                            Daegal looked at his watch and was startled.

                            "Damn...I better get going if I want to make it to the Estate in time to pick up Lana. See you later bro, and I owe you."

                            Daegal turned and headed toward the hangar.


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                              "Good luck bro!"

                              Tempist gave a small smile, and started walking again. He intended on having fun with his new form...