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  • Splorg

    *The Dark Knight returned to his room, worn out and out of breath from his spar with one of his Disciples, Jodah. The young Sith showed great promise with his fighting skills, and knew he would be a force to be reckoned with as he grew stronger and more Force compitent. He had managed to throw the Knight off the roof, and sever his single bladed lightsaber.

    Snack placed the power cell and butt of the saber on his bed covers, and held the rest of the hilt in his hand. He looked at it, turning it over in his hand a few times, then switched hands to observe it some more. It angered him when anyone would take his saber or damage it, and today's experience was no different. His anger allowed him to lash out at Jodah with a powerful Force move. He had calmed down since then.

    Placing the hilt on his desk, the Knight removed his cloak and robe, throwing them into a pile within the closet. He opened one of the dresser drawers and took out some tools which he would need in reconstructing his saber.*

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    Ah blah.

    *He blurted out to himself. His position stayed fixed, head and eyes focused on the hilt, the tools, the power cell and the butt of the saber, all of which were now placed on his desk side by each. Yet his eyes were glossed over. He did not have the mental strength at this moment to focus on re-constructing his lightsaber. The fight had worn him out more so than he first realized. Later: Yes. He would get to this later.

    Pushing the chair out , Snack stood up and slowly slugged his way over to his bed and immediately fell face first into the soft coushiony matress. His smile of delight to finally take a load off was muffled out of sight as he closed his eyes, falling deeper and deeper into Neverland. Ok, first thing in the morning he would work on his saber.*


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      *His sandbaged eyes opened slowly, the dawn of a new day upon them. Blinking once or twice, he pushed himself up with his arms, he yawned and fell face first into the matress again. Mornings were not his things, nor would they ever be.

      Groaning, the sleepy Snack rolled out of bed, catching himself before he hit the ground. Standing up, he yawned once more while stretching, then walked grogily over to his desk and chair and sat down. His components of his lightsaber were sprawled out on the desk top waiting to be put together like one tiny jigsaw puzzle.*


      *Yeah, like that would get done anytime soon. He actually needed to be awake before attempting this. Smacking his lips and tongue together as if something tasty were infront of him, the Dark Knight stood once more and meandered his way to a smaller room branching out from his main dormitory. He took a quick shower and changed into a pair of black pants, black boots, and a black t-shirt type thingy, covered by his cloak.

      Running a hand back through his wet hair, Snack nodded to himself with an "mmhmm" sound. Yes, after a nice walk around the HQ, he would be awake enough to begin and finish his saber.*


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        *The halls were epmty, as always, yet strangely brighter than normal. He had to squint for some time to readjust to the light as he first began transversing the maze of hallways. Hmm...

        The smell was the same. Gloomy and rain filled, minus the actual rain. He set about his own pace, looking at various scultpures that popped up here and there, and the paintings mounted on the stone wall. Snack really did not want to stand by each one, contemplating its meaning and value, or any message the paintings had to say, he just glanced at each one, muttering a "That's nice" or "What the frell is that?"

        The Dark Knight made his way all the way down to the lobby/entrence way of the Dormitories. He took a seat in one of the comfy sofas provided, watching the check in droid at the desk go about it's routine programing.*


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          :: Walking into the Headquarters with a holopad in each hand, Dara found that recently her days sometimes met her nights with all the work required of her council position as well as training her own apprentices. She was passing by the central waiting area and nodding to those on duty when she saw Darth Snack seated there alone. With a smile Dara made her way over to him ::

          "Hello there, Darth Snack. How is your day going so far.. well what little of it there is."

          :: She laughed lightly as her eyes met his ::


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            *A smile crossed his lips, noting that Dara had saw him sitting down. She made her way to where the Knight was sitting, holding a holopad in each hand. Dara had to be the busiest person Snack knew, holding her Council position along with all of those duties, with her some twenty odd apprentices, and now, recently, her promotion to the ranks of Master... he wondered how she did all of that, yet make time out of her days to spend with various members of the Empire. He also wondered, when and if the time came when he, too, was just as busy with whatever, owuld he have the time to devote to getting to know those newer members of the Empire? Hell, he barely had the time now to meet and get to know some of the newer members.

            His eyes met hers as she spoke. He lightly laughed as well, standing and properly gretting the Sith Master with a bow of his head.*

            Greetings, Mistress Shadowtide. My day's been boasting with activity and funness.

            *Snack shook his head in a negative as he joked.*

            Actually, no. I took a longer than I thought nap, which started about .... oh, sometime in the early evening the other day. Decided when I woke up to take a walk. Foudn the lights ion the hallways were very bright, blinded myself for a good ten minutes, and now I'm here.

            *He looked down at Dara's two holopads and smirked.*

            Enjoying you busy schedule?


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              :: Dara smiles at his comment ::

              "I actually prefer being busy to being idle, but long has such been the way of life for me. I'm always honored to serve the Empire in any way I can. Are you sure everything is ok with you though? That's an awfully long time to sleep.."

              :: She puts the two holopads in her satchel and focuses her eyes back on Darth Snack ::


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                Yeah, I'm sure. Was just a tad tired and worn from my spar on the roof tops with Jodah. Darn buger is resilliant. Disabled one of my lightsabers too.

                *His face bunched up in a scowl. He really did dislike it when others messed with his weapons.*

                I was gonna go and fix that up yesterday, but needed the shut-eye. I'll probably get to it sometime today.


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                  :: She smiled and nodded ::

                  "I remember when <a href=>Sith Master Saurron</a> disabled one of my lightsabers during a spar we had. It took me quite a while to get the settings back to how I had them. So, were you still going to talk a walk around headquarters? I could certainly use a break myself.. plus we could actually talk a bit if you like. I don't think we have had too many opportunities to do that during our time here at the Empire."


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                    I think we can do that.

                    *Snack said, smiling. He's only had the chance to meet and speak with this Sith Master twice before, and neither time came here at the Empire. Both times occured at Dara's home, Tides of Darkness.*

                    Though I'm not exactly sure where each of these branching hallways lead to. Haven't spent too much time in the dorms since my return.


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                      :: Dara smiles and then gestures to a hallway off to the left ::

                      "I really haven't had the opportunity to walk each and every hallway myself either, so maybe it's about time. Shall we?"


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                        We shall.

                        *There were three main branch offs from the main loby; one to the left, one straight ahead, and one to the right from the perspective of someone entering the building. Having been down the middle one only once, while the others he has transversed so many times, Snack made up his mind.*

                        How 'bout the middle one?

                        *The questions was asked as he began to walk down that corridor.*


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                          :: Dara nodded and accompanied Darth Snack down the middle corridor. The passage was dark with dimly lit holotorches adorning the walls. They didn't see a single person out and about at this early hour of the day, and she found herself reminded of his recent rank ascension ::

                          "By the way, congratulations on your promotion to Lord. You have done very well while in the Empire. I'm sure only greater things are to come from you.."

                          :: She smiled ::


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                            Thank you. Though I don't know what's left which could be considered greater. It'll be quite some time before I earn the rank of Master, that is if I ever do.

                            *He smiled, glancing over Dara as the two walked.*

                            I enjoyed being a Knight, and wouldn't have cared if I never became a Lord. It's only a title...

                            *Returning his sights infront of him, Snack plotted the course that he wished to transverse. He wanted to see more of the building, to get himself familiarized with it just in case. At the next fork in the road, Snack took the hallway on the left. He had never been down this way, and figured it would do him good to see this area.

                            Observing the textures of the walls and the lighting, Snack nodded to himself. This was a well contructed facility, with the thought of Sith and secrecy in mind.*

                            So, Mistress Dara...

                            *Snack glanced back over to her as they walked.*

                            How's life outside the Empire? If such a thing exists.

                            *He half smirked, half laughed at his question.*


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                              :: Dara smiled and looked over at Darth Snack ::

                              "There really isn't alot of time outside the Empire for me. I find the majority of my efforts spent here actually. There is always something to do either with council duties or training my own apprentices, although I gladly serve the Empire as I always have in any capacity I am requested to. It is an honor and a committment I made long ago to the Dark Side which I will always follow through on. As a matter of fact, I haven't even been to my home Tides in a while either."

                              :: Her facial expression suddenly changed to one of sorrow ::

                              "I haven't even seen my own husband in the longest time. After his departure from here, he just kind of left without a word on a journey. I did receive one message a long while back from him.. but now I'm beginning to wonder what happened or if I will ever see him again.."

                              :: Dara looked away from Snack momentarily and then returned her attention to the hallway they were walking down ::

                              "You know, I'm not sure I have been down this particular hallway. And to think I thought I knew every inch of this place."

                              :: Dara forced a smile as she looked at him again ::