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  • Crawling.......

    ::Yurza walked in his room and began to throw stuff off of his bed. He then flopped down and lay there. He had just come from his brother's and Xazor's engagement party. There was something about it that unnerved him and he could not put his finger on it. He looked at all the walls and the ceiling before sitting up. He crossed his legs and closed his eyes. He drew on the strength of the darkside to search his soul for what was bothering him, but he could not find it::

    "What is wrong with me? It was just my stupid brother......."

    ::He whispered this under his breath. What was wrong with him? He had never been like this before. HE reached out with the darkside of the Force and used it to heighten his hearing. He listened to the strom brewing outside. He enjoyed it because it reflected the storm that was brewing within his soul. He sat there for a long time, listening for the storm to hit its peak::

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    OOC: I hope you dont mind me joining. I'll edit if ya do.


    ::Saharia was walking in the hall towards the outside door, to enjoy the storm when she felt something very much like hate rising from one room. She looked towards the door wondering what was making that someone hate so much. Saharia pondered on knocking and seeing who it was but thought better for it for a moment. She went outside and stood in the rain, watching the storm, the flash of lightning. The chaos the sky was causing with it's natural instincts. She looked back at the building again and pondered.
    Saharia shrugged and stood up, ignoring the chaotic dance of rain around her, the dance she so enjoyed. She walked back inside and knocked on the door, suggesting an offer that might seem strange::

    Do you wish to watch the storm outside with me?


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      ::Yurza looked up and saw a young woman standing there. He listened to her question and was surprised at first, but after a moment of thinking about it he nodded::

      "Sure...why not? There isn't anything better to do."

      ::Yurza got up and walked towards her and motioned for her to lead::

      "By the way, my name is Yurza."


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        ::Saharia half smiled and returned the exchange::

        I am Saharia.

        ::She walked with him and when reaching a door looked out on the chaos in the sky::

        Such chaos, a magnificent thing to be seen. Like nature has taken one of it's purest forms.

        ::With that comment she looked around for a good place to sit and watch. A place that was not far away so you felt a part of it::

        I'm sorry if I startled you with the question. I thought you might enjoy a good storm as I do, it has a strength about it


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          "Yes it can even reflect one's souls at a cetain time."

          ::Yurza walked out into the rain to a buolder that was not far away. He motioned for Saharia to join him::

          "This would be as good a place as any to sit.....if you don't mind the rain that is."

          ::Yurza looked up into the sky as the coulds rumbled and the night air flashed with electriciy::


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            ::Saharia agreed, it refelcted a lot of the soul at times. She nodded and joined him::

            I have no problem with rain

            :;She watched the sky ablaze, the sounds sounded like music out of a masterpeice and she closed her eyes for a second, it reminded her of her old home. Peace before the storm, and what a storm it had been. many had died, many had lost and many had regretted surviving. At the end of a storm there was always a concecuince, sweet or bitter it did not matter. A tree in the far left of her eye, the top of it shaped almost like a twisted wing got struck and started to burn.
            Saharia opened her eyes and looked at it, watching the humble tree let off Co2 into the air. Some things you came to miss. She looked at Yurza curiously::

            How long have you been here? What master is you go by?


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              "I have been here almost a year. My master is Miryan no Trunks. What about you? What is your story? I haven't seen you around here before."

              ::Yurza looked at the tree burning. He felt the rain splash on his forehead and roll down his back. He lulled in the feeling of the storm's intensity::


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                My master is the same as yours, have been here for a month or so, though have not mingled for very long.
                I am from another universe, but mother was a part of this place before I. Master Miryan knew her

                What is your story?

                ::Her hair was wet, cold. Made you realize you were not invincable to feel the weather::


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                  ::Yurza looked at the sky as it lit up with a flash of lighting::

                  "I am a saiya-jin warrior prince. My master his half saiya-jin. I have a brother that is a Jedi Knight, trying to fight his instincts to do battle and conquer."

                  ::Yurza let out a deep breath::

                  "And that is baiscally all my life."


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                    ::Saharia nodded and smiled, the lies of the jedi::

                    Tod Der Luge. death to lies.

                    ::She looked at Yurza and laughed::

                    People usually find their way home, what happens happens.Wait and perhaps he shall find the truth


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                      "It makes no difference. We are just as well without him."


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                        ::Saharia did not know him so took Yurza's word, and looked apon the storm again. It had grown worse, the sky had grown darker, the lighting throwing chaos into the land below.
                        She watched as the thunder sturck down a helpless animal and a smile played o her lips, how many people were struck down like that everyday::

                        There is a storm in the sky and in ones mind. I can feel it but will not intrude unless that person feels I can help


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                          "The only storm I have inside of me is the one that tears at me soul....and that I fear no one can help with because even I do not know why it is there."


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                            ::Saharia nodded, and did not say anything. The first person who could understand had to be the one who had the problem. Sometimes one cannot see it for the emotion blinds them, sometimes it is about the past, a person or something different entirely. She looked at the storm again and grinned,The world can be cruel and cold, that is why we are one with the darkness for it is stronger and at a larger quantity than those who are at complete peace. Her face sombered and she looked at Yurza, nodding::

                            Perhaps you are right, I have an ear if you ever need it

                            ::She did not listen for an answer, did not expect one. Only watched as the tree in the hill began to burn even more fiercely::


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                              ::Yurza nodded and cracked a smile::

                              "Thank you....few have tried to be a freind to me....of the moment I have only three people I can really trust, but thank you for listening. If I ever need yuo to I'll let you know."

                              ::The tree on the hill burned brightly. Yurza casually lifted his hand and pointed it at the fire. The flames started to roll of the sides of the hill::