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  • Adding to the Arsenal...

    *Bi0 sat in his room laying back in his chair in the dim light with his arm probed up against his head, remebering he past*

    (Hmmm...I can still remember when all my swords broke against father's sword. Never once did it break or even rust. Such a odd sword...)

    *Bi0 stood up and walked over to his closet. Opening it, he pushed aside some of the junk he would never use in his life time to retrieve a small box. Picking it up, Bi0 placed it on his bed and unlatched the latches and opened it up. Reaching into it Bi0, Bi0 grabbed it's hlit and held into the air*

    (My fathers sword...)

    *Looking at the sword, Bi0 couldn't remember why he put it away. But holding the blade once more in his hand, Bi0 could feel a sort of essence around the blade. Cluching the hilt, Bi0 had a odd feeling that maybe his father's sword didn't break because it was of high quality...*

    (Why do I think about this now? I'll have to put more time to philosophy on the mind one of these days...)

    *Walking back to his chair, Bi0 sat down and held the blade with both hands. It was only close to about two feet three inches in length, not long enough to be a saber nor could it install fear into enemies. But the mere fact that it shatter all his swords in his past made it a possible weapon that was overlooked*

    (I parents did tell me they were sumgglers before their untimely deaths, maybe this sword was something he smuggled from some planet)

    *However, Bi0 quickly reconsidered that. He remembered his father told him that they never smuggled weapons cause they chance of getting caught was very high. Could he have meant technological weapons rather then swords or daggers?*

    (Curse my parents for not telling me this I my never know...)

    *Bi0 closed his eyes and realized that the chance of him finding out was destroyed along with his parents. However, while he may not know how his father obtained it, he could at least figure out what the sword was made of*

    (Prehaps a small trip to my Master's study will help me figure out the story this sword is holding from me...)

    *Not wasting time, Bi0 got off his chair and grabbed the scabbard which was still in it's box. And sheathing the nameless sword in the scabbard and tieing it to his side, Bi0 made ready to walk to the door, but suddenly stopping*

    (Mustn't forget about mother now...)

    *Returning to his desk, Bi0 opened up a drawer to reveal a necklace that belonged to his mother. Aside his father's sword, Bi0 couldn't bring himself to shove it away. Maybe it was because it was his mothers? Who knows...
    Retreving it and placing it around his neck, Bi0 walked out with two treasures that were both his reason and objective to his secret cause...)

    (Master Shadowtide is bound to know...with her vast archives of knowledge, what this sword is made of is bound to be there...)

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    *Closing the door, Bi0 walked through the labyrinth of doors and hallways thoughout the HQ. He had guessed they had designed it this way should the HQ every by invaded. But shifting from that topic, Bi0 slowly glanced at his father's sword safe within it's scabbard*

    (In just a few hours, the story you are holding will be known to me..)

    *But Bi0 was acting only can luck. There was no way to tell if his Master had the infomation he was looking for. And he didn't have the time himself to find it's origins or it's materials*

    (I was never a fan of Fate but, it appears I have to leave it in her hands for this one...)

    *Still walking forward, Bi0 made his way toward the shipyard, where his personal craft, The Dragons Teeth, was docked*


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      *Entering a shifting metal door, Bi0 entered the docking bay and looked over the railing to take a brief look at all the ships tucked and achored away*

      "I should probably get my craft a signature so I don't have to keep telling them my serial number on the thing..."

      *Taking an elevator down to the docks, Bi0's thoughts dwelled back on the sword*

      (I seem to be liking this sword more then my own saber...I wonder why?)

      *Hearing the chime, Bi0 walked out of the elevator and toward a droid in charge of keeping an eye on the ships. Telling him his serial number for his craft, The droid went to get his ship. As he sped off, Bi0 walked toward the landing circle were they would land the crafts for keeping on possible contraband to getting the ships to their proper owners. Bi0 stood just outside the circled perimeter and awaited his space craft*

      (It would seem selfish of me to just go to Dara and then leave after she finds something out...I think I'll also pay a quick visit to Lyra at her Cove while I'm at it...)

      *Bi0 safely concealed a smile...things just seemed much easier when he thought about Lyra. Probably want he enjoyed about her more then anything as not her beauty but the glowing potenial within her. When she learns to harness it...*

      (...I know I wouldn't want to be around...*small laugh*)

      *Bi0 turned to see the droid landing his small TIE Interceptor on the landing zone. The air that was pushed from under it, flew at Bi0, making his robes fly with the air. Once it subsided, Bi0 walked toward his craft as the droid was getting out. Climbing up to the cockpit, Bi0 shut the hatch down and beganto take off into the air. Slowing flying toward the opening, Bi0 sped forward as he sent his TIE Interceptor out the docking bay and upward to the sky and to his Masters Retreat...*