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  • Wandering....(open)

    A young woman walked through the halls of the Living Area. Her black velvet cloak clung to her body as she wandered.....searching for a place to stay. Suddenly she thought she heard something and she spun around on her heal....looking. Satisfied that nothing was there, Danya continued walking until she got to the end of the hall. The room there was empty, and she entered it. It was nice...and a lot better than where she was used to staying.

    The Disciple smiled, happy that she had found a good room to stay in. She did not have much....but she carried a small sachel with her. Stepping in for a full view, she eyed a bed, a nightstand, several cabinets, a desk, and a bookshelf. Clean sheets were upon the bed, which was a good thing, seeing as though she did not have her own. She walked over to the window where she watched the rain coming down....the storm was brewing and it warmed her soul. She did not realize that she had left the door open, though...

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    *jenobi was just walking around when he saw a new disciple, he followed just a little bit then she entered into her room. he walk up to the doorway and saw the door was open, he tapped it to get her attention then she turned around and he said " hi, my name is Jenobi welcome to the sith empire i hope you'll like it here."


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      Danya turned around quickly when she heard something, but the words of the presence were welcoming. She smiled and bowed her head in respect.

      "Greetings Jenobi...and thank you for your welcome. My name is Danya...and yes, I am quite new here as you have noticed."

      She laughed a bit and moved closer toward the door. The young woman nearly tripped over the sachel she had laid down on the floor, but quickly regained her composure.

      "Would you like to come in? I do not have much....except for company."

      Danya offered with a bit of a smile, hoping that he would accept. She had not spoken with many people, except her Master, since she had come to the Empire...


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        "be careful" jenobi said as he went to catch her, but she recovered quickly. "sure" as he answered her qeustion. as he walked in he said" this is a nice room, i don't go in mine much between training, traveling and ever go traveling much?


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          Re: conversation

          Danya smiled as he offered to catch her....but she was alright. She was glad that he decided to stay for a while, but she shook her head in reply to his question.

          "I have never really been anywhere. I lived in the slums of Coruscant....on the streets......and now I am here, wherever here is....."

          She didn't even know that, for she had requested a pilot to take her to the Sith Empire. She had heard a few traders talking about it outside of her shake on the sounded like the perfect place for her.


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            Re: conversation

            ::Chaos walked in feeling the presence of another Changling like himself.::

            "Here is very simple. It is hell on earth."

            ::Chaos extended his robotic right hand.::

            "The name is Chaos Alexander. I know your master well. We have done a few missions together."


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              Re: conversation

              Sieken was not far behind Chaos, he feets walked with a light patter down the halls. Slapping his partner on the back quite hard he gave a rare smile.

              ' Evening old are we?....ohhhhhh and you have a girl...very pretty it alot' He viewd the young girl up and down before giving chaos the nod.


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                Re: conversation

                "I would not say I have her yet. Maybe later. I am not as attrative as I once was."

                ::With this Chaos pointed to teh jagged scar thatt ran across his face. It went frm hi sleft temple to the bottom -right part of his jaw. He also held un his robotic arm.::

                "I still have some girth. Staying at your inn with all the bar-maids help."


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                  Re: conversation

                  " yeah i know the feeling", " where i come from me and my people don't even know the coordinates of our planet. it's like something takes over our movements to make sure we get there" jenobi laughed lightly*" we don't even have a name for our planet, we just call it home". " so the central planet hmmm, i've heard things about that place and was the cthons really exist?"


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                    Re: conversation

                    Danya was a bit surprised when two more men came into her room. She was getting a lot of attention from many people lately...and she had only been there for two days. The Apprentice smiled, exposing her canines...and then she got the feeling that the one who was speaking with her was Garou also. Garou and Sith.....just what Phantom said... She thought to herself. She took his robotic hand in hers in a gentle greeting.

                    "It is a pleasure to meet you name is Danya. You know my Master? He has put a great bit of fear in me already..."

                    She laughed to herself but then blushed when he spoke of getting her. Perhaps....but she couldn't stop thinking about that Jedi man she had met. Sighing gently, she pulled up a few more stray chairs.

                    "I wish I had something to offer you gentlemen...but alas, I have nothing..."

                    Danya winked at Chaos when she said this. He was very handsom...all of them were...perhaps this would be more of an adventure than she originally thought....


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                      Re: conversation

                      ::Chaos smiled.::

                      "Me and Darkstar don't get along well. Ever sence that mission....."

                      ::Chaos touched the amulet around his neck. a gift from his Master. Dalethria was kind, but violent. That is why her and Chaos were the perfect Master and Student. It amplified his power by leaps and bounds. The air rippled and showed the image of a bar on Tattoine. Everyone was dead and slaughters. The skin ripped from teh bodies by glass. The glass was still in many of the bodies. If was as if all teh bottles somehow shattered and were thrown at them. A woman hung from the ceiling. She was impaled through the chest with a table leg. Aura Sunrider tried to save the woman, which anger Chaos. So he did that. With a wave of his hand teh iamges left.::

                      "Darkstar was there with me. He said the show of violence sickened him. Pointless and overly cruel."

                      ::Chaos looked at Sieken.::

                      "Me and Sieken have had our share of travels. Jeseth almost killed us on Yavin."

                      ::Chaos licked his lips as he looked at the Lupine woman.::

                      "Maybe you can join us next time."


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                        Re: conversation

                        Danya saw the image and she smiled a wicked smile. She nodded at his words and giggled to herself.

                        "I would like that very much..."

                        Charming, attractive....and Sith. He's perfect! But the Jedi.... She thought to herself. Sighing gently, she looked out the window and then back to the group of men.

                        "Perhaps we should go to the Bar....find some excitement?"

                        She offered with a grin. It would be fun to be escorted to the Bar by a group of good looking men....


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                          Re: conversation

                          ::Chaos held out his hand.::

                          "Lead the ways....."


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                            Re: conversation

                            Danya grinned and took Chaos's hand. She looked to the other men in the room and smiled.

                            "Let's go then!"

                            She said, leading the group out of her room and toward the Bar. This would be a very fun evening.....


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                              Re: conversation

                              "sorry, but i'll have to decline" jenobi said as he was getting up." but i have to take care of something, before i came here i got a message from a source of mine and was on my way to inform the council of my depature. from what i hear negotiations may be in order, aggresive negotiation.*jenobi, lets his hand fall to his lightsaber as he said that* so i'll catch you all later, maybe at a little celebration on a job well done, and don't get too carried away at the bar"
                              *with that jenobi walks out the room, and heads toward the sith council area*