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Drunken drunk and having some fun! (open)

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  • Drunken drunk and having some fun! (open)

    Jared stumbled down the halls of the housing complex. In his left hand he held a <a href=> exotic dagger </a> and in the right he held a opaque bottle of some type of alcohol. Walking...stummbling.. down another hall, Jared took a swing of the opaque bottle and peeled open in laughter, waving the dagger around.

    Soon he was wobbling back and forth across the halls, Stopping near each wall to ask a question, then stummble to the opposite wall and reply to himself before returning to the center of the hall and crackling into another round of laughter. Soon he came to a statue of an ancient sith, looking up with glazed over eyes Jared grinned and spoke;

    "Greefings Mastah Sith.. Howf many innocesnts haf ya gotten today? Thoufands? Wow.. That is griat.. Les peopless I hafta kill.." He cackled again and continued down the hall, weaving back and forth an waving the dagger in the air....

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    Nikka cried out when she stepped out of the way of the man's dagger and grabbed the wrist of his hand that held it. He had come very close to running into her and slicing her across the mid-section.

    "What in the world are you doing? Have you totally lost your mind?"


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      Jared didnt notice Nikka grabbing his wrist and barely noticed her in the hallway, "Woah.." He finally noticed his arm in the air with a hand grasping the wrist that held the dagger looking down he looked strieght into Nikka's eyes, "I sworry.. I'm a bit...happy." he chuckled, not a care in the world. "Nah.. My mind isfnt lofst yet. Yet I saiy.."

      Jared grinned broadly, and took another swing of liquid inside the opaque bottle


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        Nikka could smell the liquor on his breath and backed away slightly, letting go of his wrist.

        "Oh geez, you are wasted! Shall I escort you to your quarters? I don't think you should let any of the council members see you like this..."

        Nikka couldn't help but laugh. Perhaps he was happy about something, but only displayed it by chugging vast amounts of alcohol.


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          Jared sat to the floor and slumped against one of the walls, his expression was total somber. It was like he hadnt drank anything in the first place, "Feh.. I dont care." He mummbled, "Life's a waste anyway." The dagger left Jareds hand and flew into a nitche in the wall burying itself up to half the blade's length. "Ah frell.."


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            Nikka knelt down next to him, sensing his sudden somber mood. She jolted as the dagger flew into the wall.

            "What seems to be the problem?"


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              "It's when you find out your not what who you think you are." He stated blankly, recalling the dagger via a force pull. His anger was returning, the drugged liqor in the opaqe bottle had made his memory fade of what he learned whilst away on a trip, that he was nothing.. a mere 'project gone wrong'.

              He rapped his knuckles on a door within reach, "Rooms right there anyway.." Jared mummbled.


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                With all her strength, she pulled Jared up on his feet, helping him stand.

                "Enter your access code and I'll help you inside."


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                  Jared stood eventually with the help of Nikka. Flumbling over to the door, Jared punched in the four digit code and sundered on in. "You can come in if ya want to, " He invited, Walking quite well by himself. He tossed the opaque bottle into the trash mummbiling "Unless crap." And sticking the dagger into a wooden table. A chair slid out from one of the dark corners of the room if Nikka wished to enter...


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                    Nikka was shocked that he could walk fine now and followed him inside. When she spotted the chair, she approached it and sat down.

                    "I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself. My name's Nikka. I'm a disciple here at the Empire."

                    She extended her hand out to him in a gesture of respect.


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                      Jared smiled, "Pleased to meet you Nikka. I'm Jared, Warrior here." He moved over to one of those small frigerators that are usually in motels and the like, "Would you like something to drink? Got soda's and a bunch of other things.."


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                        "Pleased to meet you as well, Jared. I'll just have water, thank you."


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                          "Water? Alright," Jared retreived a well cleaned glass from under the fridge and poured crystal clear water into the glass before hovering it over to the disciple via the force. Jared got himself a can of Mountain Dew before sitting down at the table.

                          "So, How's your training going along?" He asked, trying to make converstation and trying to forget what he drank for in the first place to forget.


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                            Nikka chuckled under her breath watching the glass move toward her and took it from mid air. She took a few sips from the glass before answering.

                            "It's going quite well. Hopefully I'll get going with developing skills soon and I'll make Knight."

                            She took a few more swallows of the water to quench her thirst before going on.

                            "I am looking forward to it as well."


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                              *He could sense the mind of his apprentice... fluttering.. as if he were a tad on the drunk side. Snack walked down the hall until just outside of the open door to Jared's room. He peered in to see Jared talking with a female member of the Empire, Nikka. Good for him. Stepping into the room, Snack moved to one of the close by wal;ls to lean on, while still facing the others.*

                              All in due time, Nikka.