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No One Else Comes Close To You

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  • No One Else Comes Close To You

    Eve sighed, down on the floor, her back leaned against the wooden wall of her quarters. She cocked her head to the side, another shorter sigh escaping her mouth, a few empty bottles of what smelled like alcohol next to her.

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    A light knock was heard on Eve's door. Slowly he peered into the darkened room, catching a glimpse of his Sister on the floor. He took a few steps into the room towards her, looking around at the empty alcohol bottles beside her.

    "Eve..? Is everything okay?"


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      "Uh, yeah. Just drowning the pills with ..."

      Eve watched Phantom peer in, then watched as his gaze fell on the bottles around her. She quickly grabbed them and pushed them under a table, not that it was necessary.

      "Well, beer."


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        Magus closed the door behind him as he walked in. He took a seat in one of Eve's chairs directly in front of her. She had always done a bad job of hiding things from him, and this time was no exception.

        "Okay, spill. What's wrong."


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          "Tch ..." Eve sighed discreetly.

          She sat back against the wall, the back of her head hitting against the wall. She looked up at the ceiling, and remained silent for a while.

          "I'm ... bored." She then replied, as if it was something big.