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The first time hurts

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  • The first time hurts

    DarkStar came from the training ground to his personal quarters, after a long time of meditation he felt his apprentice awaken from the unconcious state he had put her in. With a smile he went down to the medbay to see how her healing was coming on.

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    The first time hurts

    Suddenly Danya felt the force of a familiar presence enter the room, and she lifted her eyes to peer around. Then she spotted her Master, and it brought comfort to her heart.

    Thank you Master....for coming back....

    She said in his mind. Suddenly the droids were lifting her out of the tank and cleaning her wounds, primarily her shattered nose. It stung badly as they dressed the wound, but she took the pain and used it to stay strong. Looking over at Lord Darkstar, she smiled as much as the pain would allow her.

    "Did I do...alright?"

    She added a bit of a laugh as she questioned about her first training session with him. The young Apprentice thought that she had done as well as she could have, and she hoped he felt the same way...


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      DarkStar arched an eyebrow, he smiled at her, glad that her wounds where healing well.

      "It is not my place to decide wether you did well or not, that is for you to decide. I teach, you learn, it is up to you to judge your progress,"

      DarkStar lent forwards and gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze, as he did she felt his comforting power and it seemed to sooth the pain.

      "But you did well enough for a first time now, I have what I promiced you,"

      DarkStar reached inside his cloak and drew out a long, black, metal object, ornately carved in the shape of two dragons twirled about each other, the wings folded back along the shaft, the open mouths at either end. A red gem sat in the middle of their backs, the activation button Danya was certain.

      He held the double-sabre out to Danya, offering it to her, a gentle smile on his lips,

      "I was rushed again, and I have a lack of the parts I need to make dragon sabres, but it is better than the last one, and it is a double,"


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        Danya nodded slightly and smiled at his words. She had done well her eyes...and that was all that mattered at the moment. His touch was comforting and the power that flowed through his hand let her know that she was alright. His next words surprised her a bit as he took a black object from his cloak. Oh wow... She thought to herself as she looked at the duel-phase saber in his hands. It was an incredible piece of work...

        "I don't know what to say except....thank you..."

        She said softly as she gently took the saber in her hands. The black dragons twirled around one another and the wings gently swooped back against the shaft...and a beautiful red gem adorned the middle of their backs. How he could have been rushed and still have created something like this, she did not fully understand....but it was amazing to her.

        "I will call it Dragon Spirit.....and I will use it well. This is a wonderful gift, my Master..."

        The young woman smiled as she examined the hilt a bit closer. The pain from her wounds seemed to completely disappear as she marveled at the saber's construction....


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          DarkStar smiled to himself, he regretted not being able to make a dragon sabre for her, he was running out of dragons though, he would have to get some more soon.

          "When you are healed, or soon after we will be making a journey, it will be a test of what you have learnt so far, of a sort, but more of that later,"

          DarkStar squeezed her shoulder again,

          "I will leave you to marvel at my work for a while,"

          He laughed,

          "Get used to how it feels and reacts, you will need it soon,"

          With that DarkStar turned and left.

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            Danya listened intently to his words. A soon? She thought to herself. Smiling, she nodded gently in agreement.

            "I will not fail you my Master...."

            The young woman said softly, again looking down at Dragon Spirit. This day had turned out to be better than she had expected. As he squeezed her shoulder once again, she touched his arm and looked up at him.

            "Thank you for giving meaning to my life...for training me so that I may live...."

            She said softly but with great meaning. Danya watched as he turned and left she would be able to test her new saber. First, though, she would have to gather her things and return to her room.....

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              The ancient Sith walked back to his quarters and began work on another Dragon sabre