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  • Red, White and Black

    A small shuttle touched down in the HQ, and from it two passengers departed. The first of the duo lead the other through the maze of corridors slowly, pointing out things on occasion.

    "Thi-sss isss the Sith Empirrre headquarters," he explained, looking down at his aqquaintance.

    "An easssy place to get lost in."

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    Emily wandered close behind Salem, her eyes wide as she stared at the corrider around her. She walked with a slight limp, her leg bound tightly in cloth and bones as a makeshift splint.


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      The two were headed for the medbay; Salem was going to fix up the wound on Emily's leg whether she agreed to it or not. Turning right into the small metal furnished room, Salem gestured for her to sit down as some small droids rolled into view.

      "They'rrre jussst going to sort you out.."


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        Emily stared up at Salem as she sat, a droid beeping at her as it rolled up. Living on the streets for most of her life, Emily had only seen broken droids, and had assumed that the metal beings were always like that. She sank back further in her chair, and almost fearful whimper leaving her mouth as the droid came close.


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          With a disgruntled sigh he approach her and held his arm outstretched.

          "They arrre helping you, not trrrying to hurt you..."


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            Emily blinked as she looked at Salem's arm, her hand reaching to take his. She pushed forward to sit on the edge of the chair, her voice squeaking a bit.



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              A faint smirk formed on his lips.

              "I'm not helping, they are," he said with a nod towards the droids, who'd just started their work.


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                "That's what I meant.."

                Emily poked her tongue out at Salem and giggled as she kept a hold of his hand, only noticing the droids as they took off the crde splint from her leg.


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                  The Disciple hoped up onto the med-bay table by Emily, watching the little nano-bots work their magic, shifting gause and the like to try and fix up the wound. One of the droids bleeped and smoke spiraled up out of the top of its shell.


                  Salem blinked, watching as the bot fell over.


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                    Emily giggled in amusement as she looked at the smoking droid, her other leg lifting up and leaning on the table's edge. She whined a bit and kicked at another bot, its metalic arm hitting against her injured leg just hard enough to create a line of black blood.

                    "Bad can.."


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                      He hissed almost silently and got up knocking driod back to it's feet so it could finish it's job.

                      "Watch you don't brrreak it," he said with a smirk.


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                        Emily pouted again before tilting her head as she watched the droids wrap up her leg. As soon as they were done, she slipped off the table and looked at Salem again.


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                          He nodded, satisfied, then headed back out into the corridor.

                          "My room is about a minute from herrre, or we can go to the .. bar."


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                            Emily shrugged a bit and hugged Salem's arm.

                            "Bars are boring."


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                              "There'sss a lot of grrrounds herrre assswell,"

                              He looked off down the hallway as he spoke.