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  • Pride of a sith(Darkstar)

    A figure slowly made t's way back into the empire, covered in a white cloak he walked ever so slowly. The cloak had many stains on it, some dirt, and others dried blood. Walking into the main lobby at the entrance of the empire he called out to his new master, lord Darkstar.

    *Master, i have present for you from my latest travels*

    His present in truth was a saber he had gotten after he had beaten a jedi knight in a small town on some small not well known planet. Places like this attracted Malice, as he knew that the jedi tended to watch these planets for evil activity more so then more populated and well developed planets. The sith knight went to one knee and bowed his head, awaiting for is master arrive.

    OOC: Didn't know wether to put this here, or in the council room area.

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    The Sith lord was waiting for him, he had felt his approach nearly an hour ago. The Sith Lord stepped from the shadows behind his apprentice.

    "My intrested you have aroused..."

    Malice jumped at the sound of his master's voice, for he had not felt the Force Vampyre approach.


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      Turning to face his master, Malice let the look of surprise fade from his form. Standing he handed him a saber with a black blade. Holding it out to Lord Darkstar Malice grinned.

      *This saber is courtesy from the Jedi Knight known as Satine Capshen. He put up a decent fight, but in the was inebitable that he was going to lose*

      Malice bowed his head and awaited for his master to further speak.


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        DarkStar chuckled as he examined the sabre hilt.

        "Capshen? I my self have faught and claimed one of his lightsabres..."

        DarkStar let go of the hilt, letting it float in the air for a moment before making it travel slowly over to Malice.

        "You may keep it my apprentice, one of his I already possess, this can be your trophey for a battle well fought...which I trust it was?"


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          Malice nodded and reclaimed the lightsaber, clipping it to his belt. Grinning he noddedin acknolwdgement to his master's question.

          *Indeed it was. For alittle child, he has good potential. A pity it is for the wrong side of the force. But perhaps oneday, i could change that*

          Malice then bowed to his master and made his way out of the chambers, he would now rest for a day, and then go out once more to look for another prey.