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Mysterious Wanderer (Open To All)

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  • Mysterious Wanderer (Open To All)

    *Long hair traveling along Xeno's cheek, the young man made his way in as he always did: Silent and suspiciously. But Xeno had nothing to hide from the Empire... He was just 'new' to everything around him. It would take more time for him to accustom himself to everything.

    This was the first time Xeno visited the Headquarters. It was somewhat odd because one would have thought this would have been the first place he visited. His eyes traveled the room, observing the details of the HQ.

    As he walked in, and observed the other Sith, he stood there, waiting for someone to give him a tour probably? He saw a few people pass by, and nodded to them as a sign of greeting.*

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    ::Saharia noticed a sith nod at her, he looked new. the way he moved made her stop and look at him::

    Do you need anything?


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      *As a person finally stopped to ask him exactly what he wanted to be asked, he threw his attention to her. He then replied to her:*

      "Ah. Yes, I am new around the HQ, and I am kind of lost. It would be interesting if you could show me around. I would be very grateful."